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Craft Totes & Caddies

    Make your gift count even more by utilizing the way you present the gift as well as the gift themselves. Wrap it or don’t wrap it, but put it in a container that is either appropriate to the gift in theme or by the design of the container. The container that holds your gift or gifts will be a gift that can be reusable to the recipient, which makes for a smart gift that stands out from the rest. Totes and caddies can be an ideal way to carry and present your gifts to your friends and family. It is similar to a gift bag idea, but unlike the gift bag, which is not really reusable for anything else other than maybe giving another gift in it, the tote or caddy can be used for all sorts of storage and organizational needs. So, your gift goes well beyond the gift.

    This is a great idea for any gift that you may be giving, but it is especially nice if you are giving some kind of gift that otherwise would be somewhat temporary in use. For example, a gift of fresh veggies from your garden, although greatly appreciated and because of this appreciation, would soon be gone, the container that you present the veggies in can outlast the veggies. It can be used for any number of storage ideas around the home. A great combination for presenting veggies from your garden would be to put the veggies in a farmers market tote. If they love fresh veggies from the garden, they may also love shopping at farmers markets.

    Another great example of this would be to present a scrapbooker or knitter with a fabric storage caddy that can hold all of their supplies and keep the supplies organized. It is portable, which makes it great for carrying to a party and it makes it great to use for the recipient so they can scrapbook or knit wherever they go. Fill the storage caddy up with supplies that you know the recipient loves and can use. Fun new papers, stamps, embellishments, new scissors, colorful writing pens, and maybe the latest issue of a scrapbooking magazine, would all be great gift ideas to put in the fabric caddy for a scrapbooker. If you are giving to a knitter, consider putting in the caddy, new knitting needles and different weights, styles, and colors of yarn. Throw in the latest issue of a knitting magazine. Anybody who has a hobby would love to get more supplies to keep that hobby fed.

    For someone who loves to fish or someone who is a tinkerer who likes to dabble in all sorts of different things, giving them a hobby case filled with treasures individualized for them and their hobbies, can really show that you care enough to give them something that reflects their interests and passions. For someone who loves to go out to the river or lake to fish, fill up the hobby case with fishing tackle, line, and other odds and ends that you know they love. Another idea would be to put a gift card to their favorite hobby or hardware store inside the hobby case and they can fill up the case with whatever they need and want.

    For a children’s birthday party, consider using one of the colorful smallest totes as take home gift bags for all the wee ones who come to the party. You can fill the totes up with small toys or an assortment of art supplies and don’t forget to fill up the rest of the tote with every child’s favorite gift bag treat - candy. Include a thank you note, perhaps, colored from the birthday child, in the gift bag totes.

    The versatility of the toes and caddies make for great gifts, great gift accompaniments, and as a great storage tool. Getting organized has never been so much fun!



    Results 36-40 of 4012