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Decorative Boxes & Baskets


    One of the first things to do when trying to create a beautiful and well organized room is to de-clutter the room. If you are looking for a way to get your room looking better, first evaluate what things you want to keep and what you want to be gone. A lot of items can be stored in a more attractive manner by taking advantage of decorative boxes and baskets. So, for the items you decide you want to keep, but you don’t necessarily think they need to be seen, storing them in boxes and other containers that also lend themselves to the overall décor of the room, is a great way to keep what you want, without having a cluttered looking room in the process.

    From small items, like jewelry, to larger items, like magazines and books, you can keep them stored in an attractive box for the jewelry and an attractive basket for the books. A small lidded box can be the perfect place to keep your rings and not lose them. A rattan basket can store all of the cooking magazines you love to read through while drinking your morning coffee. You can still keep the magazines in the kitchen where you drink your coffee and read, just keep them organized by storing them in the basket when you are not using them. Small packets of green tea can be kept in a canvas lined woven seagrass basket, right next to where you heat the water for your tea. By grouping all of the different kinds of tea in one basket, you cut down on the overall cluttered look of a room. The simple act of keeping them all in the basket helps the overall décor of the room.

    Make it easy for your kids to make healthy snack choices by keeping them easily accessible, but don’t clutter up the kitchen countertop in the process. Store fresh fruit, homemade granola bars, dried fruits and nuts in a basket within easy reach. With a tiered basket, you can keep fruit in one basket and the other packaged snacks in another basket. The concept can be transplanted to any room in your home. Store newspapers in a basket in the living room until you are ready to recycle them. Store shoes in a decorative basket by the door. Keep mittens, hats and scarves in a basket by the door that everyone enters and exits the home through. Keep it right next to a coat rack – either a free standing one or a wall mounted one. If you group the shoe basket, the accessories basket and the coat rack all next to each other along with a storage bench to sit on to slip shoes on and off, there is no excuse for anyone who can’t find their gloves the next day. So, not only are you increasing the attractiveness of the overall décor of a room and cutting out the clutter, you are making it easier for everyone to stay organized.

    Use a seagrass laundry basket as an attractive way to store towels. Keep other bathroom essentials – all those bottles of lotions and soaps- in a basket. Extra toilet paper can be kept in a basket on the back of the toilet. Cosmetics and styling items can be kept together in a manner that does not look like a cluttered mess, if you keep them all organized in baskets.

    Keep it hidden in lidded boxes. Keep it grouped together, like items with other like items, in a basket. Store items in a basket until you have time do something else with it. Baskets and decorative boxes are a great way to decorate a room and provide storage.