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Dish Drying Racks

Dishrack storage is the hub of a kitchen. You can quickly and easily add storage space around your kitchen sink with a dishrack. Give dishes and pots a place to dry with a dish rack or dish drainer. If you have a double sink - a dish strainer is a must. A dish drying rack made for in-sink use clears up a lot of counter space, especially dish racks that hold sponges, soap, and flatware. Need more sink storage space? Dish drainer racks are perfect for holding and draining sponges and brushes, while our over-the-sink dish shelves create room for soap and other cleaning supplies. Find the best dish rack for your kitchen. Find more kitchen storage with kitchen sink sponge holder & sink storage & Fridge Binz! collection.

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      What kind of dishrack do you need?
      Finding the right dishrack is an important step in organizing your kitchen. The right dish rack can save you space as well as dry your dishes. Do you have limited countertop space in your kitchen? Between the toaster, coffeepot, mixer, do you find yourself being pushed closer to the sink to do your food preparation? Only to feel equally squeezed out by all the paraphernalia that surrounds your kitchen sink? The dish soap, the sponge, the glass scrubbies, the hand soap, the dishes drying, the dirty dishes needing to be cleaned, that African violet your best friend gave you issuing with it the stern warning to keep it at the kitchen window – which happens to be right above your kitchen sink- and you think to yourself, wow, there is a lot spread out around here and no room to do anything. Do you hate that all of your sink tools and drying dishes take up too much of your food prep countertop space? Or do you have plenty of countertop space, but dislike the clutter that seems to permeate every nook and cranny around your sink along that countertop? SpaceSavers has de-cluttering solutions for you! We know and understand your kitchen sink and countertop needs. We love to combine elements of style and functionality into the items we offer. We have a range of different countertop space saving devices in and around the sink- filled to the brim not with clutter but with clever and stylish storage options.

      Your basic tool of the sink is the sponge. You need a place to store the sponge when it is not being used. It would be great to get it off of the countertop or the back of the sink where it just drips it soapy residue all over. We have suction cup sponge cradles, small dish drainers, dish drainers for in the sink, or try a dish drainer tray. Let your sponge air dry, dripping that soapy water right down the drain of your sink. 

      If you want to save countertop space and need a place to dry a handful of items that you don’t want to put in the dishwasher a sink mat would be a good solution. This dish dryer works just as well as any other small dish drainer. A sink mat can do its job without overtaking the space like a large dish drainer. A dish dryer mat like this one can look good at the same time! If you have more heavy duty drying to do, you should try out our myriad of options - a sink organizer that is perfect for you can be found. We have something as clever as a grid sink dish drainer that you can place directly in your sink, with a hole in the middle allowing for the drain hole. We have 2 piece sink sets that are the versatile kitchen dish drainer that you can use on the countertop if you want or you can place the compact dish rack drainer directly in the sink to save space. We also have suction cup flatware holders that are like the bronze dish rack in flatware dish drying racks world. Glass ware can dry into a brilliant shine on a clear dish drainer.

      Update your kitchen with a modern dish rack, stainless steel! What about an over the sink organizer? It's not just about dish racks and drainers. If you would like to clear up space around your sink, don’t forget the option of going vertical - lift items up and away from the sink and countertop and maximize your space. In conjunction with a small dish drainer (for sink) use over the sink shelves for additional storage. Put your dish soap, hand soap, lotion and anything else you can think of, on your over the sink shelf. There is more to countertop and sink organization than dish drainers for sinks. We also have an in sink cutting board with built in strainer that you can wash, chop, and prep your veggies or fruit on while still keeping your countertop free and clear. Make sure to use dish drainers for small sinks with this option. You don't have to use a small sink dish rack, but it can save you space so, you can easily rinse off those veggies and keep the water mess in food prep contained to the sink. Another option would be a narrow over the sink dish drainer.

      De-clutter your sink. Get the dish drainer for small sink, a collapsible over the sink dish drainer, or an expandable over the sink dish drainer. Don't forget your in sink dish drainer racks. Organize your flatware. Give your sponge a home. Keep all your soaps and glass washing tools up and away on an over the counter sink shelf. Take advantage of SpaceSavers excellent variety of sink organizational tools from an in sink dish drain to a small over the sink dish drainer to a large dishrack. Meet your space and storage needs with style even when it comes to an utilitarian dish rack.