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Document Trays

Document trays or a document tray can tidy up your office desk area. A document tray can come in a wide selection of colors and styles, including chrome, black, hazelnut, and more. Find the document trays that take care of your storage needs and fit your style as well as budget. A document tray can put an end to desktop clutter. Find a paper tray or a desk tray. Whatever kind of document tray or document trays you are looking for can be found at Start your next organizing project with these great document tray solutions. Document trays come in many styles as well as sizes, so, when choosing the document trays for your space, match your home's look and feel. Functionality is important - the document tray you choose needs to fit how you'll use it. Depending on the size of your storage space you may want multiple document trays to accommodate your storage needs.
    Document trays or even a single document tray can take care of those reports. Organize with document trays. TPS reports in a document tray. ABC reports in a document tray. The Smith – Johnson - Weisenholdenfield file in a document tray. Office memorandum on upcoming Office Get to Know Each Other Better Picnic in a document tray. Internship resumes and cover letters in a document tray. Cinnamon latte in your favorite earthenware mug. (We don't make document trays for lattes.) Bamboo pencil holder with number two pencils. Eco-friendly BPA free lunch bag with your butternut squash and couscous with raisins and almonds leftovers. Water bottle, half full. Framed photo of you and your family on your last vacation – at the beach. This is what the top of your desk looks like. We at SpaceSavers can help you get that desktop space organized with document trays. We don’t think you are probably working on every piece of paper spread out on your desk right now. If the only thing you are working on right now is your TPS reports, why do you have all of those other documents and files in the way? Put them in document trays. It’s a good way to get something mixed up with another document or if nothing else seriously aggravate you as you try to focus your energies on just one task at a time if you are not using document trays. At SpaceSavers, we can tidy up that ABC report by putting it into our brushed nickel document tray. The Smith – Johnson - Weisenholdenfield file can go in the top document tray of the silver mesh stacking letter document tray. Beneath it is where the lesser priority files can go, like those summer intern resumes and cover letters. You can get to those next week. Keep them in your document tray for right now. Slide your office memo into the memo holder on your right. There. It is just you and that TPS report. Get back to work. We have your documents, files, and memos in a holding pattern, neatly organized, and waiting for you when you are ready to tackle them - all neatly organized and stored in document trays. There isn’t anything we can do about that cinnamon latte. That’s all on you.

    Do you love the idea of being organized but worry that your office is going to look like your dad’s office? A vision of blurred beige boredom. Yawn. Yeah, we hear you. We get it. We understand what you need and what you want. You have style. You want your office space to reflect that style. You don’t want clients walking in and thinking they have walked into the elder So and So’s office. This is your office. Make it with your style. We will have something that you will love at SpaceSavers. We have document trays that come in wicker, painted an ebony black, wood, chrome, brushed nickel, black with silver accents, white with silver accents, silver with silver accents, silver mesh, painted white, and hang in there - almost done - and finally, the bamboo space saving desk document tray organizer. Wow. Now that is a lot of document trays to choose from. We have got something that will serve your needs and please your stylish self at the same time. Your office doesn’t have to be drab, dull, and more ho-hum boring. We can give it a jolt of style. So, come on. What are you waiting for? Let’s get down to the business of organizing your office space in whatever style says you.

    SpaceSavers has the document tray you need in the style you want. We have key cabinets with mail sorters. We have space saving desk organizers, once again, in the style you want. We have letter holders. We have memo holders. We have file organizers. They all can be in the kind of style that appeals to you. So, dress up your office with SpaceSavers. We can hold your documents in the right document tray, keep you organized, and make you look good. We understand what you need and what you want. We just can't fill out those TPS reports for you.