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Furniture Drawer Chests

Are there ever enough drawers to hide away small items we don't need every day?  With a drawer storage chest you can build drawer storage and a display shelf into any room of your home all in one piece of furniture.  Drawer storage is also the perfect solution for those who like to re-arrange spaces regularly, unlike a built in or large, heavy piece of furniture these organizers are easy to move and build into your overall decorating scheme.

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      “There’s not enough storage!” It’s a common complaint no matter how large or small your house, apartment or dorm room may be. There are always items we need to complete tasks that we don’t necessarily want to look at every day. These items need to be within easy reach, but the spaces where we use them may not have the built in storage we need to contain them. That’s when a storage chest with drawers is the answer.

      Add a chest of drawers to your bedroom – if you lack closet space in a bedroom a chest of drawers can fit in spaces where a dresser may not make sense but handle your storage needs for small articles of clothing like socks, scarves, belts, lingerie and jewelry. If you keep a television or stereo in your bedroom you might also need storage space for movies, cds, exercise videos, and those ever-present remote controls. Don’t have space for a linen closet? Store extra sheets and pillow cases in an attractive storage chest so making the bed is easy. If space is really tight, consider replacing a nightstand with a storage cabinet and have easy access to drawers at your bedside.

      Add a chest of drawers to a child’s room or playroom – kids come with a lot of stuff. Whether that’s treasures they’ve collected or toys and games. And kids grow up so their storage needs will change year to year. Unlike built in storage, storage chests can come and go as your child needs them. Line a wall with storage chests for toy control when they’re young, then move those same pieces into other areas of your house as they’re outgrown.

      Add a chest of drawers to your entryway or hall to keep hats, gloves, and umbrellas easily within reach, but out of sight for a tidier space. Deep drawers also come in handy to store extra light bulbs for porch lights, sanding salt, or a dust pan and broom for tidying up the porch or entryway where there is rarely a dedicated storage space safe from the weather. Use the top of the chest to gather keys, pocket change, and mail as you come into the house. Or use it as a way station for items that need to be put away in other areas of the house. Teach everyone in the family to check this spot regularly and help make sure things get put away.

      Add a chest of drawers to your craft space – all the bits and pieces needed for crafting can get overwhelming if you try to keep them on your table or desk. Adding a storage chest to your craft room can get you organized and encourage your creative energy to flow - especially when your elbow isn’t bumping into this or that which needs to be put away while you try to create. Label each drawer with a decorative tag or label maker depending on whether you want an organic or minimalist feel to your space and you’ll know exactly where to find what you need.

      Add chest of drawers in the bathroom to hold towels and washcloths if you don’t have a built in linen closet or vanity shelf available. Extra drawers in the bathroom also come in handy for storing bath salts and scrubs so they don’t clutter the edge of the tub or fill up a shower caddy when they’re only used occasionally. Enjoy bathing by candlelight? Tuck your favorite scented candles and a book of matches into a drawer so you know right where to find them. Drawers can also be much more convenient for storing hair accessories, make-up, and jewelry in the bathroom than finding space on cupboard shelves or in the medicine cabinet. All that’s left is to choose a drawer that fits with your personal style, choose from plastic, canvas, wood or other natural materials In a variety of colors and textures.