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Drying Racks for Clothes

A drying rack or drying racks for laundry use are a necessity even if you have a dryer. Clothing labels that read "drip dry", "hang to dry", or "line dry" require a laundry drying rack. Clothing that reads "reshape and lay flat to dry" can be dried using a drying rack for laundry room use. Make life easier for yourself and get a drying rack. You'll have a designated place for drying your clothes with a drying rack, you won't have to worry about your clothes being ruined from improper drying methods when they are on drying racks, and, as an added benefit, you'll save energy by not using the electricity needed with a dryer. Drying racks for laundry use are energy saving, greener, than electric or gas dryers. Find clothes drying racks & laundry organizers & storage. Find laundry drying racks - a wire drying rack for outside, a wire clothes drying rack that is wall mounted, or a wood drying rack.

    Drying Rack & Wire Drying Racks

    A drying rack is an essential component of the laundry room. A drying rack is a necessity because not all clothes are created equal when it comes to being dried in an electric or gas dryer. Drying racks are needed because many clothes do not withstand the heat of a dryer. Avoid shrinking clothes by using drying racks. Sometimes, we just want to air dry our clothes with drying racks because we want to save energy. If you live in a region where the summers can be brutally hot, you may not want to run the dryer, preferring to use a laundry drying rack or a wire drying rack. Some of us may love the way laundry smells after being hung outside on a wire clothes drying rack or a clothesline. So, whether you want to live more green using drying racks for laundry use and save on energy or just need to find a better way to dry the clothes labeled “hang dry”, we here at SpaceSavers can help you get the right drying rack for laundry room use. Whatever your reason for needing a drying rack may be, SpaceSavers has the drying rack for you to meet your personal wants and needs. We can provide the laundry organizers and drying racks you need to get that clothing air dried and hung back up in your closet.

    The gold standard that everyone remembers is the classic accordion wooden drying rack. SpaceSavers has the wood drying rack. This drying rack for laundry room use is just as great of a way to dry your clothing today as it was in your grandmother’s day. This laundry drying rack folds up for easy storage when you are not using it. This drying rack for laundry room use is lightweight, so it is easy to carry around if you want to dry your clothing in the laundry room sometimes, but maybe elsewhere other times. SpaceSavers has a wire drying rack as well.

    We also have collapsible drying racks for laundry use that can serve as a wire shelf in which to lay your clothing flat on or you can hang your clothing over the wire bars to hang dry as well. These laundry drying racks fold up for easy storage when you are not using the drying racks. You can neatly tuck one of these drying racks back into a closet, between the washer and dryer or wherever you may want to store your drying racks. We also have a free standing triangular drying rack that you can hang your clothes on and fold back up when you are done. There are so many choices of drying racks at SpaceSavers.

    If you are thinking you would prefer a garment rack / drying rack so you can hang your clothing on a hanger, SpaceSavers has garment racks / drying racks for you too. Some of the garment racks / drying racks have shelving below and above for additional storage of other items. If your laundry room is also a storage room for your clothing, this may be a good choice for you. A garment rack / drying rack can function as a freestanding closet with shelves and a place to hang your clothing. Just remember for long term storage, you may want to cover or seal up your clothing in some kind of garment bag. Another option, which could be used like a garment rack or a drying rack, is our indoor Tripod Laundry Dryer by Household Esssentials. It functions just like an outdoor tripod laundry drying rack, but you can set this drying rack up indoors. Simply hang your clothes to dry on this drying rack or to store on a hanger, which then, hangs from one of the tripod’s bars on the drying rack.

    SpaceSavers also has wall mounted drying racks and retractable lines. We have outdoor tripod drying racks. We have clotheslines and pins. However, you would like to air dry your laundry, SpaceSavers has a drying rack that will help you get the job done. From the standard classic wooden accordion drying rack to the garment rack, to the wall mounted drying rack and the traditional clothes line, SpaceSavers can help you get those clothes dry without the use of that dryer. SpaceSavers wants to help you live your life, your way, organized. Let your laundry dry on one of our many different kinds of drying racks or clothes lines.