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End Tables & Nightstands


    Are you looking for the perfect end table or nightstand? Or maybe you are looking for a console or hall table? Do you want your end table to serve more than one purpose? Is the aesthetic attractiveness your priority or is functionality? At SpaceSavers we can give you what you want. We offer aesthetic attractiveness with functionality. You do not have to choose either one or the other. We can give you both in one piece of furniture. If you love wood, wicker, or wood with a glass top, we can provide what you want. So, look no further. You can have that perfect end table, nightstand, or hall table that will provide storage and add beauty to your home.

    The right décor is important to you. We have options for you to choose from. We offer cornhusk, wicker, wood, wood and glass. We have end tables with drawers. We have nightstands with cabinets and drawers. We have pieces that will easily coordinate with one another if you are hoping to piece together a collection out of a hall table with a pair of end tables. If you want something more basic in structure and purpose, we can help you too. We offer a bookcase storage cube that you can display and store books on. If you would like a non-traditional end table and you happen to love wine, we have the absolutely perfect end table for you. It is a table and beneath it, is a wine rack to store all of your bottles of wine. How fantastic is that! You get beauty, function, and whimsy all in one package.

    SpaceSavers we strive to save you space and we want to give you options to create a room décor with our furniture that will be pleasing to your individual tastes. You will find a side table, an end table, or a nightstand that you will love whether you prefer a shabby chic look, or a modern vintage look, or a contemporary modern look. We can please your senses.

    At SpaceSavers we cheer when we find a product that combines functional and practical storage without sacrificing attractiveness. We have elegant storage cubes with lids that can function in a very practical manner as an end table to your sofa. Put one on each end of the sofa. What is clever about these storage cubes is that the tabletop is also a lid. Slide the lid off of the table and you will find a deep storage compartment for lap blankets or books. Do you love to knit, needlepoint, crochet, or cross-stitch? You could keep all the yarn, needles, threads and other items for your hobby out of sight when you are not using them in a table that has the dual purpose of being an end table to put your drink on and it is storage. Your room is neater. There is no clutter. You are saving space by combining your needs for a table and for storage. You don’t have to keep yarn and needles in a different room where you would have to go get them when you sit down in front of the television to work on your craft. You will have them right at your fingertips - just slide the lid over.

    If you don’t need that much storage, why not try one of our nightstands with just one drawer to hold a few items, like paper, pens, and coasters. It can function as a practical way to keep your small bit of living room clutter out of sight and beautify your room at the same time. Clutter detracts from the beauty of any room. So, hiding clutter instantly helps the attractiveness of your room. But, in addition to getting rid of clutter, a wonderful looking piece or pieces of furniture, like our selection of end tables and nightstands, can also create a cohesive and attractive décor to any of your rooms.