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Farmers Market

One of the signs of spring, at least in the Northern states, is the return of the Farmers Market. Make your shopping trips convenient and green with eco-friendly and storage friendly shopping carts and baskets.   Our re-usable shopping baskets are great for the environment, protect your produce from crushing and store away flat in the car or pantry when not in use.  If you shop for a large family or get to market on foot, our market carts allow you hands free shopping and can handle those heavy items like potatoes and squash with ease.

    So, you keep hearing about the local farmers market and how fabulous it is. You went there – once- last season, but felt a little dazzled and unsure of how to proceed. Or you loved all the sights, sounds, and potential flavors, and therefore bought indiscriminately without thinking about how you were going to transport it home or what to do with it all once you got home. Don’t be intimidated by your local farmers markets. Embrace them for all the great reasons that shopping at local farmers markets provide. Local = fresher = tastier = greener = safer = good economics for you = supporting your local community, which is good economics for your local farmers.

    First, by buying local, your food is going to be fresher, which means more taste for your dollar. Not only will your food be tastier, but you can feel good knowing you are supporting more sustainable and greener agricultural processes. If the food goes directly from the farmer to you, than that also means not as much resources (think gas, think oil, think big trucks driving your produce from Chile) have been spent getting your food to your plate. Being green feels good. Being green can be safer as well. The less times your food has been handled, than, the less opportunities for exposure to contaminants that can make you sick. By buying in bulk when produce is seasonally available locally, usually can translate into big savings for you. Learning to shop early to get the best selection or shopping at the end of the day for the best deals can help you bulk up on big savings and on bulk food. You might think you can’t eat all that fresh produce at one time, but you can take advantage of the three methods of preserving food for later. Learn how to freeze, can, and dehydrate produce so you can eat it later. Buying from local farmers means that your dollars stay in your local community as well. That helps everyone around you.

    All right, you know the reasons to shop your local farmers markets. Now, you need the tools to make your shopping excursion easier. Carrying the produce around the market and transporting it home can both be problematic. Why buy fresh local produce on a hot summer day if your produce is just going to wilt under the summer rays? Keep it fresh by using picnic coolers – most of which are collapsible when you are not using them – and your veggies will stay just as tasty at home as they did at the local market. You can choose from a variety of choices in coolers at Insulated bags, insulated picnic style baskets, and insulated coolers are all available. Keep your purchases fresh and keep them cool.

    For other purchases that don’t need to be kept cool, you can use a large picnic tote, also available at Often, you can find local beekeepers selling honey, local soap makers, selling soaps, fragrances, and lotions. You might see some locally made jewelry, locally baked breads, or even handmade and hand sewn items that you have to have. No need for a cooler for these purchases. You might, however, want to think about how you are going to get these purchases home. At SpaceSavers, you can get a rolling grocery cart that carries it all. Shop through the stalls, going from vendor to vendor putting your fresh produce in your cooler and your non-perishable items in your picnic tote, but keep both of these items in your rolling grocery cart. If you walk to the farmers market, this is the only way to shop there! But even if you drive and then walk around, having this grocery cart makes buying local as easy as going to the grocery store.

    Happy eating – locally!