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Buddeez Cereal Dispenser & Cereal Keeper




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The Buddeez cereal dispenser has a bag-in design that makes it a top cereal keeper. These plastic cereal containers hold the cereal bag in the dispenser. You can also use it by simply filling the cereal keeper directly with dry cereal. The best part about the Buddeez cereal dispenser is that it is easy to pour and easy to store. Use this cereal keeper to keep your cereal fresher longer. Does each person in your home have their own favorite cereal? Keep these plastic cereal containers on hand so the whole family can enjoy their favorites.

This bag-in dispenser for cereal can also be used for any kind of dry food you need to pour. The Buddeez cereal dispenser can hold up to 3.5 quarts of food. This plastic cereal keeper is also 100% BPA free.


3.5 qts
BPA free


7.75" L x 4" W x 11" H

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Buddeez Cereal Dispenser & Cereal Keeper