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Foodie Gift Guide

For the foodie in your life - whether you're looking for high tech gadgets or the perfect organization tool to clear off counters and make more room for food preparation, we have a number of gift ideas that will make your home gourmet happy to be in the kitchen.

    If you know a foodie or wine lover that you are thinking of buying a gift for, knowing a bit more about wine and wine storage can better help you understand what they may be looking for. If you want to begin storing wine, knowing the proper storage methods can better preserve a new growing wine collection.

    Knowing how to properly store wine can make a difference in aroma and flavor of the wine. For many people who buy wine, they plan on using it within 24 to 48 hours. If this is the case, a six bottle wine rack works fine for those needs. Just keep the wine bottles away from a direct heat source and they should taste just as you want them to taste. When selecting a wine rack, you may notice that most have the wine bottle on their side or even upside down. The reason for this is to prevent the cork from drying out. The thought is that if the cork is kept wet from the inside of the bottle, than the cork won’t dry out. By keeping the cork from drying out, you are minimizing evaporation.

    For longer term wine storage, you want to select a fine wine that you want to age and mature. You need to have a space that is large enough to accommodate the wine you plan on storing presently and in the future. So, think about how much wine over a longer duration of time, you plan on keeping. However much wine you plan on storing; you want the room or are to be in complete darkness if possible. If that is not possible, minimize the light sources as much as you can. Make it as dark as you can. The space should also be cool, not reaching a temperature that would exceed 70° F. You also want to avoid rapid temperature fluctuations which may cause pressure changes inside the bottle, dislodging partially or moving the cork upwards. This can cause leaks and expose the wine to oxidation as the air seeps into the bottle. Wine that has had too much exposure to oxidation becomes brown in color and won’t taste as it should. It becomes more like a sherry flavored wine. Remember to store the wine bottles, whether they are in a wine cellar or not, on their sides on a wine rack or wine racks that can accommodate the number of bottles you hope for your collection.

    It is a good idea to invest in a wine opener that is easy to use. Most wines are going to have foil surrounding the corked area. So, getting a wine opener with a foil cutter simplifies the task of opening the bottle of wine. An ergonomically designed corkscrew helps remove the cork effortlessly. A nice wine opener set should include an extra worm. You may need to replace the corkscrew “worm” on the opener, so having an extra worm is a good idea. Wine stoppers for unfinished bottles of wine are also good items to have on hand.

    If you know a wine lover or a foodie, a wine rack, extra wine stoppers an ergonomically designed wine opener with an extra worm and foil cutters would all make for great gifts. An idea to create a gift package might be to buy a couple of bottles of his or her favorite wine and present them with a new wine opener. Maybe even present the gift with a wine rack as well. For a large wedding gift from many family members, a wine cabinet would make a lovely gift for foodie newlyweds.