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Flocked Non Slip Hangers

Non slip hangers can keep those shirts, blouses, and other clothing items from sliding right off onto the floor. Non slip hangers also can protect your clothing from the dreaded wire hanger snags that everyone dislikes. Flocked hangers are smooth, velvety to the touch, and gentle on your fine clothing. No slip hangers, folding hangers, or friction hangers (grippy hangers) can transform a so-so utilitarian closet into a closet that truly protects as well as provides storage for your wardrobe.

    No wire hangers is a good mantra for anyone who appreciates not just the finer things in life, but wants to protect their investment in those finer items in their wardrobe or closet. Non slip hangers, sometimes referred to as no slip hangers, prevent the annoyance that occurs when that slick silk shirt with a wide neck keeps sliding right off the hanger and onto the floor. Nobody wants their clean laundered clothing to end up on the bottom of the closet, underfoot, getting wrinkled and dirty. Protect your clothing and prevent the annoyance of contantly re-hanging your clothing up by using non slip hangers or no slip hangers.

    Flocked hangers offer the additional refinement and protection of a velvety smooth surface on which your finer clothing items can hang onto without shifting, sliding, or snagging. Protect your clothing from snags and tears with flocked hangers. Organization isn't just about hanging the clothes in your closet. It is also about protecting them and maintaining them.

    Folding hangers or expandable hangers can fold out to provide many hangers on one hanger. Folding hangers are truly a spacesaving dream in a closet. Organize, protect, and save space while hanging your clothing on folding hangers.

    Friction hangers are similar to the flocked hangers in that they provide a soft grip hanger surface on which to hang your clothing. Your finer clothes are not going to slip off and land in a heap on the floor with these soft gripping (sometimes referred to as grippy hangers) hangers. The non slip surface and lightweight design make friction hangers a popular choice for many.