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Bed Risers & Bedside Caddies


    Protect your furniture and your floors with Magic Sliders. The Magic Sliders prevent the furniture from scratching your hardwood floors. They make it easier to move the furniture, by sliding it, on any floor surface. You can easily rearrange your room. You can glide your furniture across the floor, moving 1600 to 2500 and even up to 3200 pounds utilizing these sliders. Make moving a breeze. Protect your furniture. Protect your floors. The Magic Sliders come in many different sizes between 3/4” to 2 3/8” round sliders or you can take advantage of the rectangle sliders that are 4” x 15/16”. They work well on nearly everything. Washer, dryer, couch, chair, or desk can all be slid from one spot to another using these coasters for your furniture.

    Do you need more storage space under your bed? Maybe your bed is too low to the floor and it would be more comfortable getting in and out of bed if you could give your bed a lift up. Consider utilizing bed riser blocks. They fit over 3” casters or legs and can give your bed just the lift you want it to have. If you have a sinus cold, sometimes giving the head of your bed a lift up can help elevate your head just enough to allow for better breathing or easier sinus drainage. Maybe you need to give your feet a lift up. Utilize the bed riser blocks on just the foot of your bed for better feet elevation. For increased storage or for better comfort the bed riser blocks can give you just the lift up you need.

    Get a better door stop and protect your walls from dents and nicks every time your youngest whips open the door too hard. Maybe you need a door stop to hold the door open every time you are carrying in the groceries. Getting a door stop with a good gripping action on the floor below is a must. Look for a door stop with non – slip material on the bottom of the door stop in order to prevent it from sliding under the pressure of the door. Don’t prop open your door with whatever you can find to drag in front of it. Use something that was made for the job. At SpaceSavers, you can find a dome door stop with a non – slip material that will hold onto the floor beneath, preventing any slipping from occurring under the pressure or weight of the door. So, get a grip on your doors with this dome door stop.

    Everyone who has had to move either from one home to another or simply moving a couch from one room to another, can attest to the fact that moving heavy furniture even with the help of someone else can be a back aching job. Lifting with the strength of your legs, instead of bending over and forward with your back, is the best way to prevent back injury. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to achieve with really heavy items. Even with one person on one end and you on the other, you may be relying on your back too much to carry that heavy load. Back strain and back injury is common if you are putting too much reliance on your back instead of on your arms and legs to lift heavy objects. Unfortunately, not all of us have as much upper arm strength as needed to lift a heavy piece of furniture or a large appliance. TeamStrap professional furniture moving straps take the burden off your back and bears the brunt of it all by redistributing the weight more evenly between the two people who are moving it. Before you move another heavy piece of furniture again, consider using TeamStrap.