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Garage & Utility Shelving Units

Garage and utility shelving can take your garage or basement from a wreck to functional. These utility shelving units take advantage of the unused vertical space. Store mowing equipment, outdoor lawn care items, or even use these garage shelves in your basement for added storage. Looking for a garage shelving system? Check out the Suncast slat wall storage systems and flow wall slatwall systems.
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      It happens to all of us with a garage. The garage seems like the perfect place to just dump off anything that we need to store in addition to all of the traditional items we store in a garage. So, along with your yard tools, mechanical and carpentry tools, motor oil, electrical cords, and shop vacs, it becomes a magnet for camping supplies or outdoor children’s toys, sporting equipment, holiday decorations, and anything else we want to hang onto but don’t want to keep in our house. At some point, all of these things will completely take over your floor space in your garage until there is no longer room for your car or to work on any projects you may need to accomplish in that space. Well, get your work gloves on because we here at SpaceSavers have the storage and organizational tools that you need to whip that garage into an orderly spacious home for your car and your next carpentry or vehicle maintenance project.

      We have freestanding or wall mounted options for your shelving needs. If you need to stack, we have shelves that stack. If you want cabinets, we have plastic durable cabinets. Plastic or metal, we will have it. We also have a fantastic tote storage system that works like a vertical grid you can insert a storage tote in to store your items and easily pull it right out, without disturbing all the other totes within the grid above or below or to the side, when you need to utilize the items in the tote. You can pack a lot of items into this tote storage system. Your items will be safe from dust and pests. You will know where your items are when the time comes to use them. The best part is all that garage space you will get back in return if you organize and store your items in the garage. Your car won’t be out in the elements - it can actually be in the garage where it belongs. When you step out of your car, you won’t have to trip over the rake or kick your son’s soccer ball out of the way or fight with your daughter’s bike that she left right in front of the door. Everything will be neatly tucked away until you need them.

      Your garage will be easier to clean because things will be up and off the floor. You might even be able to have that garage sale you have been wanting to have, because people will be able to tell the difference between what is in storage and what is out on display being sold. And if all of your garage sale items don’t sell that weekend, you can box them all up back into some storage totes or put them on the newly installed wall mounted shelves or onto the freestanding shelves and they will be ready to pull back out next year in an attempt to try selling them again at the next garage sale you have.

      At SpaceSavers, we try to help you get the tools you need to stay organized and save space in your home or garage. We believe if we can provide these tools for you, that your life will be easier and you will have more time to enjoy your life the way you want to live it. SpaceSavers will save you space. SpaceSavers will save you time. You won’t have to waste so much time hunting down that spare electrical cord if all of your electrical cords are in the same tote on the shelf in the garage. Staying organized with a great storage system gives you back your time and space to enjoy as you see fit.