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Garment Bags

Protect your clothing from dust, mildew, and pests by storing them in a hanging bag such as a garment bag. Garment bags protect your valuable articles of clothing in multiple situations. Traveling to a wedding or for business? Have a daughter in dance competitions who has costumes that need protection? Do you need to store your winter clothing in an attic or basement closet? Do you have out of season sweaters you want to store at the back of your closet or under your bed? Find the perfect wedding dress garment bag, hanging bag, clothes storage bags, dress bags, or dance garment bags for your situation.
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      Attention closet organizers - garment bags designed just for you! Cloth garment bags, dress storage bags, hanging garment bags storage, and travel garment bags for dresses made to help you organize, store, and save space. Special dresses, suits, or out of season clothing need proper storage. A good way to keep your clothing protected is to keep them in a hanging garment bag. If you are traveling and need to keep that special dress or suit protected while out on the road, using garment storage bags will insure it arrives without anything accidentally being spilled on it. If your plastic garment bags drag on the ground, at least it is not the hem of your dress being dragged through the dirty parking lot. If you keep your out of season clothing in the attic or basement on a garment rack or wardrobe, you can protect it for all those months of storage by keeping it in garment bags for storage. At SpaceSavers, we can help you store and protect your clothing. We offer many different kinds of clothing storage bags to fit the needs you may have. Canvas garment bag, hanging garment bags, portable clothes closet, or nylon garment bags - find the right one for your situation.

      If you have a lot of clothing that you need to store away, it can be convenient to use one large nylon garment bag to store them. SpaceSavers has dress garment bags that can store multiple dresses from even one dress garment bag that hangs on one hanger. You can further save space by using one of our shrinking space saving bags or clothing bags. On the go and want to keep wrinkles out of your suit? Try our travel nylon garment bag. We even have a travel garment bag that rolls up into a duffle while traveling and you can unroll it to hang it up when you arrive at your destination. If you have a whole season of clothing to store and keep dust free, than try our jumbo garment storage bag that can hang in your closet. The full length zipper makes it easier to get what you need out of the garment bag or to put more items back into storage. All the while, this jumbo protective bag will keep the dust bunnies from collecting on all your out of season clothing.

      Looking for fabric garment bags or canvas garment bags? Maybe you want to store those suits in attractive closet garment bags or under garment covers that drape over the top of the clothing. A garment cover doesn't zip from top to bottom, but it will keep the dust from collecting on top of your stored clothing. It is an economical and practical option.

      Do you need to save space while storing your out of season sweaters? So, you are rightly thinking the jumbo bag is not really the best option for you. Try the original large space bag that will shrink down to store up to fourteen sweaters. You can then slide the bag under your bed or into a storage tote, until cooler weather arrives again. This leaves your closet with plenty of space for all the clothing you will be wearing this summer.

      Maybe you don’t need a jumbo bag, but you still want to keep your blazers wrinkle free. Try one of our short hanging garment bags for dresses. Closet bags that can zip up your blazers will be ready for you the next time you need them. Would you like to be able to see into your wardrobe storage bags? SpaceSavers has clear hanging garment bags you can see through, so you can quickly find which clear dress storage bag has the article of clothing you want. Save yourself some time unzipping one garment bag after another. This is especially handy if you do have a lot of garment bags in storage. Maybe you don’t really need a full size garment bag, but just want to keep the dust from settling on top of your hanging shirts. We have clear covers that act as dust barriers, just covering the top part of your clothing.

      At SpaceSavers, we can provide you with storage and organizational products to keep your closets clutter free and easy to use. We can help you protect your clothing while it is in storage with canvas garment storage bags. We can make sure that you can continue to protect your clothing while you are traveling with our line of travel garment bags. At SpaceSavers, we want to help you live your life, your way, organized.

      Retailers, do you need garment bags wholesale? Contact our product experts to discuss the right wholesale garment bags for your needs.