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Glacier Bath Collection

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      Glacier Bath Collection by Organize it All is a great way to provide ample storage and not take up a lot of room in your bathroom. We all struggle to find the right balance between staying organized and saving space. At SpaceSavers, we know how to help you get organized and save space. We love saving space so much that we have made it our name! There is usually no other room in your home as small as your bathroom. So, we know that saving space is a high priority in this room of your home. We also know that in order to keep your bathroom looking tip-top, clean, and in general a well ordered room, you will need to have plenty of storage. For bathrooms, although typically the smallest room in any home, is also the room that contains a lot of small items. Lotions, facial cleansers, bars of soap, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, shampoos, conditioners, hair products, hair dryer, and of course, towels. Let’s not forget the towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Whew. That is a lot of stuff. We probably aren’t even close to being done yet, either. A bathroom often has cosmetics, jewelry, hair accessories, and then, you have your extras. Extra toilet paper, extra hand towels, extra soaps, dental supplies, and the list just could keep on going. So, that all leads up to a lot of storage need in the bathroom. This is where SpaceSavers can come in with our Glacier Bath Collection by Organize it All.

      You can take up no additional foot traffic space in your bathroom and still install extra storage. How? With the Glacier Bath over the toilet space saving unit. You won’t be taking up any additional room with this extra shelving unit. The toilet takes up the floor space. The shelving unit takes up vertical air that isn’t being used for anything anyway. I bet you could keep a basket of extra toilet paper on this shelving unit, along with quite a few extra hand towels as well.

      Another alternative or even in addition to the over the toilet space saving unit is Glacier Bath’s corner shelving unit. It is a three tier corner shelving unit. By placing it in a corner, it takes up very little room. The curved design means even if you were to bump into it, you won’t be knocking into a sharp corner. Three extra shelves of storage for your lotions, soaps, razors, dental supplies, shampoos, and conditioners. How is that for ample storage?

      If you need additional storage try out the Glacier Bath Collection’s three tiered or four tiered shelving units. All of the Glacier Bath shelving units is made from chrome with tempered glass shelves. The chrome frame will provide a sturdy, long lasting support for the attractive glass shelving. The legs on all of these pieces are self leveling, so you can put these shelves wherever you would like. I bet you could finish up you storage needs with one or two of these pieces. Your hair dryer and products, jewelry, cosmetics, and anything else you need stored can fit right onto a shelf of one of these units.

      SpaceSavers loves to help you meet the functional need of creating ample storage for your bathroom. We believe our Glacier Bath Collection by Organize it All is attractive, stylish, and functional. We love to help you live your life, your way, organized. It won’t take you long to get your bathroom organized with the Glacier Bath Collection. You will have ample storage with beautiful chrome and tempered glass shelving units. So, get organized today at SpaceSavers!