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Go Green Glasslock by Kinetic

Kinetic GlassLock containers & the GlassLock containers Snapware are the way to go green when it comes to kitchen storage for your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer. Kinetic go green GlassLock food storage containers are microwave safe for when you need to heat and serve quickly. These glass lock containers come in multiple different sets that vary in number, in size, and even in shape. Go green with Kinetic GlassLock food storage containers. If you want the snapware lids, you can find the GlassLock containers Snapware here. Either the traditional Kinetic go green GlassLock containers or the GlassLock containers Snapware are a greener way to kitchen storage. Find even more green ideas for recycling, composting, & eco-friendly products.
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      10 Reasons to Go Green with Kinetic GlassLock Containers
      1. Glass lock containers transition you away from a disposable lifestyle to a more sustainable one with kitchen storage containers that are not meant to be thrown away.
      2. Kinetic go green GlassLock food storage containers keep your food safe in the freezer, microwave, refrigerator, or pantry with non-reactive glass.
      3. Kinetic go green GlassLock is made with tempered glass bases and durable plastic lids designed for many years of use.
      4. GlassLock food storage containers have plastic lids with a silicone seal that is FDA approved. Reheat without worry and freeze without worrying about freezer burn.
      5. Kinetic GlassLock food storage containers take up less space because of their easy to stack bottoms and lids.
      6. GlassLock containers and lids are dishwasher top rack safe.
      7. GlassLock containers come in different shapes. Get rectangular, square, or round GlassLock containers.
      8. Glass lock containers come with different colored lids to make sorting and storing by color a breeze.
      9. Kinetic go green GlassLock containers save you money by preserving your food short term or long term. Don't worry about throwing food out that spoiled too quick due to containers that are not airtight.
      10. GlassLock food storage containers make you feel good knowing you aren't contributing more disposable products and food to our growing landfill problems.

      Great green tips & products: To help you sort your recycling items, recycling bins and stackable recycling bins can get the job done. Save your food scraps for the compost pail or bin and use the composted kitchen scraps as fertilizer in your garden. Grow your own food and store your fresh food in Kinetic go green Glasslock containers.