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Go Green GlassLock 14 oz. Round Food Storage Set by Kinetic




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Store leftovers and stay green with this set of three Go Green Glasslock food storage containers. This set of eco-friendly storage containers will last for years of transitions from freezer to microwave. The tempered glass base is stain resistant and durable. The plastic lid is microwave safe and non-toxic with four snap-on latches that create a tight seal with the silicone bead so the container is airtight and leakproof. You can take it from the freezer to the microwave with no concerns. GlassLock is fully FDA Approved.

Use these containers to store perishables in the refrigerator or preserve dry goods in the pantry. These containers are also great for taking to work - fill with powdered soup mix or oatmeal, then just add water and microwave on site. You'll have the convenience of an instant meal with no extra packaging to throw away.


3 tempered glass base units
3 lids with latches
Each container holds: 2 cups / 14 oz
Safe for use in microwaves & freezers
Top rack dishwasher safe


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Go Green GlassLock 14 oz. Round Food Storage Set by Kinetic