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Grill Master Gift Guide

When your passion is grilling, having the right tools becomes a top priority, so does protecting and organizing your grilling equipment.  If you have a grill master in your life, here's a great selection of grilling accessories to add to their arsenal.

    When it comes to grilling, every grill master knows there are certain rules to getting the lip smacking fire cooked seal of approval. Some might refer to it as the rules of engagement known by the best grill masters out there. Yes, anyone can light the grill and throw a slab of meat and some veggies on the grill, but if you want mouth watering grill fare that keeps people coming back time after time for more, there are certain tricks that the master grillers know.

    There is a debate in the grilling community over who owns the right to claim better grilled grubs – the gas grill or the charcoal grill, but there are some things that everyone can agree on. One of those things, well, you just have to get yourself the right tools. If you want to play with the big boys of beef, bacon and beer, you need a proper barbecue grill tool set. You respect the tools of the master griller. You take care of the tools. You don’t use just the regular kitchen spatula to do this kind of job. You need your own grilling tools. Here are the mandatory must haves:

    A stainless steel spatula – they come in different lengths and widths, but they all serve one important purpose. They flip and they slide smoothly under a burger. They get the job done. Some have fancy things along the side to help you cut, hold things in place and all sorts of different functions, but the one most important function is the flipping and moving that this mandatory tool can provide.

    Gripping tongs – you just can’t be a grill master without a pair of gripping tongs. The gripping tongs are the multi-tasker of the barbecue grill set. They move everything around on the grill, chicken, steak, corn on the cob, potatoes, mushrooms, skewers and so much more. You have to have a pair of tongs. That’s just all there is to it.

    Basting brush – If you are going to sauce it and there are times when you are definitely going to want to hit the sauce and hard, you need a basting brush. There are always going to be evenings when you just want a simple burger and the basting brush can sit idly by, but some days are going to be all about the barbecue sauce or the new marinade that every grill master is always working to perfect. You need a basting brush for the times you need some sauce.

    Stainless steel grill cleaning brush – Every grill master knows his worth is measured in how well he keeps that grill maintained. Now, maintained doesn’t necessarily mean clean. We aren’t aiming here for your every day kitchen clean at your mother’s house. We are shooting for grillin’ clean. The stainless steel grill brush gives you just the right kind of cleaning power to get the right kind of clean accomplished. Not too much and not too little. A grill master takes pride in his grill.

    Stainless steel barbecue knife – Hey, there is steak to be cut. You can’t fault a grill master for occasionally slicing off a few taste testing bites to see how things are coming along, right? You can’t rush perfection and in order to get that perfect just right juicy bite, you have to do a little checking and taste testing to confirm doneness. Not over-doneness, but just right doneness.

    Those are the master components you need to have to call yourself a self respecting grill master. There are other tools that can be used in the arsenal of grillin’, but these give you a right to try for the title of grill master. Down the road, you are going to want to consider skewers, corn cob holders and probably a three prong fork. You’re getting there. Enjoy the food. That’s what it is all about.