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Clothes Hangers for Closets

Clothes hangers are a key component to organizing closets throughout your home. Choose the right hangers for each job - sturdy wooden coat hangers are perfect for suits and coats. The new slim velvet hangers are great for saving space and securing slippery fabrics like silk blouses. Specialized closet hangers will organize skirts, pants and accessories, making the most of rod space with a system of closet storage hangers.

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Tips for Picking the Right Clothes Hangers for Your Closet

If you have a small closet, maximizing the hanging space that you do have will be a priority. Struggling to get everything you want in your closet can be frustrating. If your clothes are so wedged and packed into your closet, leaving little to no space to move your hangers around, it is time to utilize some space saving tricks in order to store the most amount of clothing in your closet while still maintaining the ease in which you can access and look at the clothing. You will need to stragetize and choose the best cloest hangers for your space

The first step would be to pull any hanging garments off their current clothes hanger that you no longer wear see yourself wearing in the near future. Separate them into two piles, one a pile of clothing you think you can sell and one a pile of clothing you may want to donate or pass on to somebody else. This is especially important in children’s closets when they are constantly outgrowing clothing. A good time to do the closet hanger sort is right around the change of seasons, in the spring and in the fall. If you are not interested in selling any of the clothing, consider donating them to a local charity, if they are still usable.

The next step is to pull all of the clothing that is not in season out to be put in storage until that season rolls back around again. If it is winter, you can pack away the sun loving clothing, because it is time to bring on the sweaters. You might want to bundle items for storage - clothes hanger holders like garment bags are a good way to keep stored items wrinkle free and protect them from dust, sun or other environmental concerns. There are also options for freestanding closets where you can protect clothing on clothes hangers. Space savers for items you're willing to fold include under bed storage or plastic storage totes which you can either put on the floor of your closet under hanging clothes, in an attic, or a basement.

Now, you want to evaluate what you have and what kinds of hangers will best serve the clothing left. Consider the fabrics and the weight of your clothing when choosing the right clothes hangers. Space savers like slim huggable hangers allow you to fit more items in your closet by taking up less room on the rod, whereas wood hangers are ideal for heavy garments like coats and suits. Here are some quick hanger guildelines:

  • Coat Hangers - coat hangers are heavy duty hangers meant to take the weight of bulky woolen or velvet coats. They also offer a sense of luxury; use wide wooden coat hangers in the coat closet to make your guests feel special,
  • Wooden Hangers - wooden hangers are sturdy and offer great protection for the shoulders of garments since they're wider than standard metal hangers or plastic hangers. Also use them for men's suits, sportcoats, and pants. We offer a range of wooden clothes hangers including cedar hangers & mahogany hangers that will unify a closet, protect your garments, and give it a sense of permanence.
  • Leather Look Hangers - these hangers take the look of wooden hangers up a notch, they have the same sturdy contstruction with a faux leather covering that makes them extra special. Great for your favorite suit, the prom/wedding dress, or making a statement in your whole closet.
  • Slim hangers - soft grip hangers are made with a velvety coating or rubberized coating that offers 'grab' for your slippery fabrics like silk and satin as well as garments with spaghetti straps or thin shoulder straps.
  • Collapsible hangers - also called tiered hangers let you fit several garments onto one hanger, thereby saving significant rod space. You'll find tiered hangers for blouses, pants and skirts. If you're a crafter, these also work well as a cloth hanger for dyeing or organizing quilt fabrics.

Once you have the right clothes hangers for each job you can re-hang this season's clothes and enjoy an organized closet -hangers, space savers or not, make a big difference in how you get dressed each day. Whether you have a small closet or a large closet, you can make it work with the right combination of hangers, shelves, and custom storage solutions. If you have a lot of closets to re-work, save money checking out the hangers for sale in bulk hanger packs.