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Friction Blouse Tree Hanger by Richards




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Create more space in your closet and drawers by keeping five blouses on this amazing friction blouse tree hanger. This single hanger consists of five friction grip arms that prevent clothes from slipping off. It’s also made of sturdy chrome construction, ensuring long-lasting performance. With this hanger, you no longer have to crunch together a bunch of hangers in order to gain more closet space. You also don’t need to stuff your blouses in drawers, where they could wrinkle. In addition to blouses, you could use this tiered hanger to hang light jackets, boleros, dresses and tank tops. It’s a must-have organizational item for anyone who has limited clothing storage space.


Sturdy chrome construction
5 black friction grip arms
Tiered design


16" W x 22" H x .5" D

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Friction Blouse Tree Hanger by Richards