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An innovative Japanese company who graced the American marketplace with their products in 1994 - IRIS is known for eye appealing, durable, and functional storage solutions. Although their name is not as well recognized within the housewares industry - anyone who has purchased a piece from IRIS will swear by its quality and become a customer for life. Along with closet storage for Mom and Office organization for Dad, IRIS has developed relationships with leading children's brands such as LEGO to manufacture specialty children's storage items. The bread and butter of their product line? Archival Safe and Acid Free storage, along with 100% Airtight Plastic Storage Containers which are completely resistant to any natural elements. Bottom line: for a precious memory or important document which you need to keep safe - you cannot go wrong with a storage container from IRIS. We guarantee that you can find an IRIS product here for everyone in your family.

    It is hard to put a finger on our favorite IRIS plastic storage product... there are just too many! Let's narrow it down to each area of them home, because no room is complete without a beautiful, functional storage piece from IRIS. In the closet, we recommend the stackable drop front shoe boxes for storing pumps, sandals, tennis shoes, dress shoes, and more. The picture does not do these attractive little containers justice. A latch at the top lets the front plastic covering fall down so you can easily reach in and grab your pair of shoes for the day. And when the front is closed, your shoes sit attractively on display like the precious treasures they are. Lining your closet shelf with a row or two of these shoe boxes is an easy, inexpensive way to do a quick closet makeover.

    Let's talk kids. For those of you who have them, you know how it feels to walk into your child's bedroom and feel a sharp pain on the bottom of your bare foot from stepping on a tiny Lego piece. Ouch! IRIS has developed a partnership with LEGO to produce a line of LEGO branded storage containers which are cute, colorful, durable and most of all - practical. The Lego 6 tier project workstation is a SpaceSavers best seller - this thing can hold a massive amount of Legos! Plus, the 6 color-coded project cases are removable so the workstation can remain in your child's bedroom yet they can easily grab a case of Legos to transport to another room. We also carry a LEGO branded wheeled basket - which honestly could hold just about any collection of toys which your child wants to move around the house. And aside from LEGO - there is the popular line of Disney storage containers - and a huge assortment of general purpose, brightly colored stacking drawers, totes, and baskets. With colors like pink, purple, blue, green, and orange - these colorful storage solutions could be used anywhere from a child's playroom, to a teenager's bedroom, to a college student's dorm room.

    The great thing about IRIS is the diversity of their product line - case in point, IRIS Pet Products. At IRIS, they know that not only is it important to keep things tidy in the bedroom, office, and closet - having a furry friend requires owning tons of pet supplies which you need to keep organized too! The airtight pet food storage containers are fabulous. A set of slim, durable storage containers on wheels - providing a solution to those giant 50 lb. bags of pet food which are impossible to lug around. Plus, with a 100% airtight seal, your pet's food will remain fresh for weeks on end. IRIS also branches out from plastics here and has created an indoor pet fence and a handy cat food and dog food can dispenser.

    If we had to choose one more IRIS product line to tout, it would be their craft storage cases. For those hobbyists who enjoy arts and crafts, scrapbooking or beading - you know the struggles of organizing your tiny supplies in a way that allows you to easily find what you need. IRIS has manufactured an entire line of bead cases in a variety of sizes with removable dividers, allowing you to determine the size of each compartment. They have also created innovative solutions for the lost art of scrapbooking - including hanging page protectors, and a portable scrapbook case. Finally - the acid free, archival safe project cases are a must-have for storing completed scrapbooks, or any precious memory like a flower from your wedding or a special newspaper clipping.

    We could go on and on about the ingenious, originative storage solutions in the IRIS collection - like the Iris buckle up boxes - but we have said enough. It is time for you to try one yourself. Enjoy the newfound simplicity these storage solutions will bring to your life, and as always, let us know what you think!


    Results 101-105 of 105123