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Rolling Kitchen Island Tables & Carts

Multi task with a kitchen cart from SpaceSavers - Kitchen Carts are a great way to increase your work space and storage space at the same time. When not in use, simply roll your rolling kitchen cart into an out of the way spot until needed. Rolling kitchen carts are also great for serving. Use this kitchen island table as a buffet during holiday gatherings. A rolling kitchen island can include a wine and/or stemware rack making it a great mobile kitchen island for serving at parties. Kitchen carts are great microwave carts providing additional kitchen storage shelves. Find the microwave cart, kitchen storage cart, or drop leaf kitchen cart perfect for your kitchen storage needs. Find more kitchen storage with a junk drawer organizer & pots, pans & cooking utensils.

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      There is not a bigger wow factor in kitchen versatile functionality and beauty than the kitchen cart. These rolling kitchen islands are not just a piece of furniture. A mobile kitchen cart is a helper. Mobile kitchen carts are work horses serving your kitchen, dining, and party needs. Multi-functionality? Yes, a chrome microwave cart has it. What’s better is all the many choices you will find at SpaceSavers for this partner in the kitchen. Whatever need or needs, considering their multiple functional capabilities, you have, we have the right kitchen cart for you. A wood microwave cart might put a smile on your face. A rolling microwave cart could ease the stress of your next big Christmas gathering, even if your in-laws are coming. A wood rolling cart in the kitchen is going to be your work station, your extra storage space, and when you need to get it out of the way, you can roll it out. Drop leaf kitchen carts are right there waiting for you when you need them again.

      Kitchen carts can be mobile kitchen islands with seating options. Roll it into your dining room or living room and it doubles as a serving station for shrimp, veggie tray, and hummus. Sure, a wood microwave cabinet can be ideal kitchen storage. Kitchen dining is also an option with a kitchen cart. Kitchen carts hold the platters of food, cocktail plates, napkins, and serving utensils. Use a kitchen cart as a buffet station next to your dining room table. Put all of your desserts and coffee carafe on the kitchen island table for a self–serve station. Many of our kitchen carts have wine storage or wine and stemware storage. The kitchen cart is the microwave cart or your rolling beverage table. Bring the wine to your guests. No more traipsing across the house to the kitchen every time Aunt Tillie needs another chardonnay. Great microwave carts are not just for the microwave. As a rolling kitchen island, a kitchen cart is going to save you a lot of steps, because you know how Aunt Tillie likes her chardonnay.

      Are you in love with the functionality, but concerned about the attractiveness of such a useful kitchen cart? We hear you. We are confident you will find the stylish, attractive piece of furniture that you will be proud to wheel into any room. We have the look you love. Contemporary, modern, country, or elegant, we have a wonderful array of kitchen carts to suite your personal taste and décor. We have chrome and mesh shelves. For the eco-friendly conscious, we have bamboo kitchen carts. We also have natural pine, honey pine, and beechwood. Do you love the elegance of a granite countertop? SpaceSavers has kitchen carts with a granite countertop. There is no sacrificing style for function with these.

      Whatever your tastes, whatever your needs, SpaceSavers can provide it. Many of us are just looking for that space in which we can chop our veggies. We have kitchen carts that come with a built in cutting board surface and a knife block. You can’t beat that. It’s a sous chef traveling station. These carts can be a real partner in your kitchen work.

      Maybe you don’t need the storage of a kitchen cart, but are just looking for table top space to sit down and drink a cup of coffee or help your kids with their homework, while cooking dinner. We offer space saving tables that are designed to save space in your kitchen. If you don’t think you have room for a traditional kitchen table, try one of these. They are sure to please.