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Original Expand-A-Drawer




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Find the organizer that fills your entire drawer. The original expand-a-drawer by Dial industries is the organizer tray that grows to fill the exact dimensions of your drawer. Its sturdy, white plastic design looks great in any kitchen setting. Its multiple chambers help separate knives, spoons, forks, serving utensils, and more. The expand-a-drawer is as easy to remove as it is to install, and is washable. Other single-sized organizers waste space by not filling the entire drawer, but the expand-a-drawer makes full use of the space every time. Look elsewhere on the website to find an expand-a-drawer with different dimensions that would fill your drawer better than this particular size.


White plastic drawer organizer
Expands from 9” to 16” in width


18"D x 2"H : Expands from 9" to 16"W

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Original Expand-A-Drawer