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Kitchen Gadgets & Tools

Great kitchen tools are a must when building your dream kitchen space. New kitchen gadgets hit the market constantly and are a natural fit for any progressive kitchen. Tools and cool kitchen gadgets are not only fun and interesting, they can reduce time spent on common tasks and reduce storage requirements. We stay on top of the trends to get the latest essential kitchen tools in stock, so count on us to be your online kitchen gadgets store. Need an original gift? Cool kitchen gadgets are a great gift idea for the at-home chef - whether they are 8 or 80 - we have the kitchen tool sets to make their day.

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    Kitchen tools and gadgets make great gifts for anyone on your list, including yourself. You don’t have to be a professional chef to love a great gadget that is fun to use and makes your life easier at the same time. The market for amazing kitchen gadgets would blow the apron off of your great grandmother. We have something that is sure to bring a smile to your face. We even have something for your kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews. Do they love to bake? Or help mom and dad in the kitchen? They will love our kid’s kitchen tools. Buy something for your kid’s next birthday, buy something for the next bridal shower, bring a smile to the face of a friend at their housewarming party, and don’t forget to buy a little something for yourself – we know you won’t be able to resist. You know what? You should buy something for your grandmother. After all, she is always cooking you up something delicious in her kitchen. You can always buy her a new apron too, just in case.

    Speaking of shopping, do you have a bunch of plastic grocery bags and not a convenient or practical way of storing them where they don’t take up useful closet or pantry space? SpaceSavers has come to help pull the seams back in on your busting out the seams bag problem. We know you like to keep those plastic bags, because they come in handy as your bathroom and office trash can liners. You just wish they didn’t take up so much space. The air in the bags makes it difficult to squish them all down flat in the cabinet, so they have pretty much invaded the entire cabinet, right? SpaceSavers offers a variety of grocery bag holders that will keep the seams pulled in on that pile of bags’ waistline. Cinch them into our holders. Pull one out when you need it.

    Now that you have those grocery bags out of your cabinet you might want to think about organizing all those canned goods and spices while you are in there. Oh, and don’t forget the cabinet with all of those baking items, the flour, sugar, cornstarch, baking soda, and food coloring. What a mess. You can’t ever see anything when you open the door. You have to shove things off to the side or even take out the items in the cabinet, just to see what is in the back that you are looking for. Why unpack and pack your cabinet every time you need the cinnamon? We will end your packing days with our turntables and lazy susans. SpaceSavers doesn’t see anything lazy about these hard-working kitchen tools. Instead of unpacking your cabinet to get the can of garbanzo beans in the back, spin your turntable or lazy susan until, stop! There it is – the can of garbanzo beans you needed to make hummus. Now, isn’t that easier?

    It’s nice to have the paper towels and napkins right where you need them. Especially that paper towel roll – it seems to have legs wandering all over the kitchen and house. Not very convenient when you need one right away for a spill or to wipe your hands. Try one of our napkins or paper towel holders. The napkins can be kept on the kitchen table, right where you need them. Convenience is nice.

    Speaking of paper towels, are you tired of washing each leaf of lettuce from your abundant garden of cutting lettuces, and then, laying them out on paper towels to dry? Whoa. That is a lot of work and time. Same goes for that huge crop of basil you planted in the backyard. You could pick up each basil leaf and try to wash them all and then, lay them out to dry on a paper towel or tea towel, or you can do yourself a big favor with this kitchen tool. The salad spinner. Your grandmother just lost her apron on this one! Put your leafy greens inside, turn on the water over it to give it a rinse, and set it to spin. Instant salad, anyone?

    If you are an avid gardener, you might appreciate this tip as well. With our Rubbermaid dishpans with handles, you can wash your dishes, and then, carry the dishpan by the handles out to your garden and give your veggies a nutritious rich slurp from your sudsy dishes. That is not only saving water, but one of the easiest ways to do it. So, reuse that dishpan water and be green! SpaceSavers’ kitchen tools. Doesn’t it make you feel good?