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Laundry Bags

Laundry bags are a necessity for collecting and transporting all your laundry items. A laundry bag is also a laundry tote bag. Carry your laundry easily down the stairs, down the hall, or to the laundromat with this drawstring laundry bag. Drawstring laundry bags make it easy not to lose a sock on your way to the washing machine. Multiple laundry tote bags make it easy for a household of people to get their own laundry bagged up & taken to the laundry room. SpaceSavers offers laundry bags available in an assortment of materials, including canvas, mesh, and cotton. Find more laundry storage with laundry clothes rack & linen storage.

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      Laundry Bags: The Laundry Tote Bag
      Laundry bags make carrying laundry easier. A laundry bag with a drawstring closure keeps all the socks in your laundry bag and not dropped on the floor behind you as you walk. Laundry bags comes in different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. Finding a laundry bag for everyone in your household is a practical and fun way to keep the laundry bagged up and ready to go for laundry day. A laundry tote bag in a fun bright color for your child can keep clothing separated. If you need to wash the laundry for your youngest, why not keep his separate from the rest in a fun frog drawstring laundry bag? As soon as his laundry is done, you can fold and sort right back into his laundry bag. Carry his clothes right up to his room in his frog laundry tote bag. Use different colors of drawstring laundry bags or different styles of drawstring laundry bags for different members of your household, making laundry day so much easier.

      Drawstring Laundry Bag for the Washing Machine: Keep Those Delicates Snag Free
      Nobody likes getting their delicates snagged in the washing machine. There is a better way to keep your delicates or sweaters from being ruined while being cleaned. Putting your delicate clothing in a laundry bag designed to keep the delicates separate from your other clothing, will increase the longevity of your clothing. At SpaceSavers, you can find small or large lingerie laundry bags that will keep your delicates separate from the rest of your laundry and they will still get clean. SpaceSavers is here to prevent any snags from interrupting your laundry operating system. Quality laundry bags, drawstring laundry bags, and laundry tote bags are designed to help you get the job done right. Make sure to use a sweater laundry bag for washing your sweaters. Prevent snags by using a mesh laundry bag for sweaters.

      Drawstring Laundry Bags & Laundry Tote Bags
      At SpaceSavers, you can also find laundry bags to haul your piles of dirty clothes around your home or off to the laundromat. The great thing about a laundry bag versus a hamper or laundry basket is that when you are not using it, it is just a flat bag that you can fold up and put away. A laundry bag doesn’t take up a lot of room. This makes a laundry bag ideal for the student away at college, for camping trips – to either store your sleeping bag in or to carry home your dirty laundry, or for anyone who simply doesn’t like the awkwardness of carrying around a large laundry basket. At SpaceSavers, you can find laundry bags made of cotton, cotton canvas, mesh, or polyester. The mesh laundry bag might be better if you are going to go for long stretches between washing your laundry. The mesh material is more breathable and will allow for better air circulation. This might especially be important if your laundry consists of any wet items, like wet towels or wet swim suits. The cotton canvas laundry bag is easily washable. Just throw it into the washing machine with your other dirty laundry and it will come out smelling just as rosy as the rest of your clean laundry. All of the laundry bags come with drawstring closures that cinch up the dirty clothes, completely containing them until it is time to throw them in the washing machine.

      Laundry Bag to Hang Dry on Line
      If you like to hang dry your laundry, you could still use the mesh or the cotton canvas bag. The mesh bag will dry faster, but you could just hang the cotton canvas laundry bag out on the line with the rest of your laundry and the laundry bag should be done drying at the same time that you would be pulling all the clean laundry down from the line. You could easily hang dry your lingerie laundry bags as well, inside on a drying rack or outside on the line. Just make sure to remove your lingerie from the laundry bag first, so the lingerie can get dry as well as your laundry bag.

      Laundry Bags Keep It in the Bag
      The laundry situation for most of us is never really done. As soon as you get through a pile, another pile is already starting to grow. Staying organized with the right laundry accessories, like the lingerie bags and the laundry drawstring bags, can help keep you on top of the laundry operations in your household. It will at least, keep you ahead of the game instead of way behind, even if it seems like a conveyer belt of dirty laundry is coming at you day and night. At SpaceSavers, you can find shelving, drying racks, clothes lines, garment racks, rolling carts, ironing board and iron holders and caddies, and yes, the classic cotton canvas laundry bag. By providing all of these laundry accessories to you, we here at SpaceSavers hope we are helping you live your life, your way, organized with laundry bags.