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Laundry Sorters

A laundry sorter can speed up laundry time by pre-sorting your clothes by load type. Choose a two bin laundry sorter for lights and darks, add a third bin to your laundry sorter for delicates, or create a whole laundry sorter system by adding a fourth bin for towels & linens. Wheel your laundry sorter to your laundry room, or carry the removable bags to your laundry area or laundromat. Find more laundry storage with wooden hampers or children's storage with an elephant hamper.

    Laundry Sorter Organization

    Using a laundry sorter to get organized in the laundry room can be an essential componenet to efficiency and ease of use when it comes to laundry organization. Using a double laundry sorter or a divided laundry sorter that has 3 or even 4 bins is the central hub around which laundry organization is going to occur. The first step to laundry organization starts in the bedrooms of a household. Decide if you want a laundry sorter or a mesh laundry bag or a laundry basket of some kind. A double laundry sorter usually works best for a couple of situtations. If you are a single person, use a double laundry sorter in your bedroom closet to sort out your whites from your darker clothing. When it is time to do the laundry either wheel your laundry sorter to the laundry room or remove the bags holding your laundry. In your laundry room, you should have another laundry sorter. This one should be a 4 bin laundry sorter. Use one bin for whites or light clothing items. Use another bin in the laundry sorter for darks. Use another bin in the laundry sorter for bathroom towels, cloths, and linens. Use the final bin in the laundry sorter for kitchen cloths and towels.

    A similar method would work for two people sharing a bedroom. There are a couple of different ways you could do this. One is to use a double sorter - one bin for light colors and one bin for darker colors. Or alternatively, if you prefer, you could use one bin in the laundry sorter for one person's clothing and the other bin for the other person's clothing. When you get to the laundry room, you should have a 4 bin laundry sorter there. Sort out one person's white's into one bin and the other person's whites into the 2nd bin in the laundry sorter. The same procedure for the darker clothing. This makes putting the laundry away easier when it is already sorted according to whose laundry it is.

    Similar variations of this method works well for households with multiple members in them. Find the right laundry sorter with multiple bins and either separate according to person or separate according to how the items are to be washed and dried. One bin in the laundry sorter for hot wash items, another bin in the laundry sorter for cold wash items. Separate out items that have to be line dried. Laundry sorters are the efficient way to get your laundry organized in an efficient and easy to use system.


    Results 71-85 of 85123