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Leather Storage


    There is nothing more elegant and luxurious than leather. Leather instantly brings with it a feeling of luxury, beauty, and sophistication as well as durability. Leather storage can be a great way to add texture to your home. Prepare your home for elegance. Give into a bit of indulgence. Give your home a makeover with leather that will make you feel as if you are living a life of luxury.

    For large storage needs and for a beautiful piece of furniture you will love SpaceSavers’ trunks and ottomans. On a cold winter night, as the wind whips over your home, the kind of night where just the sound of the wind gives you chills, you are going to want a lap blanket covering you snugly with its’ warmth. You can easily store your lap blankets in one of our ottomans. When that cold winter night hits, you can easily pull that lap blanket out without even having to leave the room. And on warm summer nights, the blanket can be tucked away out of sight back into the ottoman. Or maybe your den serves as a guest bedroom as well. Why not keep the guest linens in the ottoman? They will be right there when you need them. You don’t even have to leave the room to go get them when night falls. The ottoman has a dual purpose in function and beauty. It is storage and it can even serve as a coffee table as well. Prop your feet up on it or just admire it from your vantage point on the couch. Either way, we know you will love our faux leather ottomans. Our trunks can serve the same purpose and can be a beautiful addition to add texture and storage into your living room or bedroom.

    In addition to the big storage needs you may have, we have options for your smaller items as well. We have totes and trays that can store your dvds and cds. We have a remote control caddy that can hold all your remotes and other small items, so you won’t constantly be on the hunt for the remote when you sit down to watch tv. We have desktop trays that would be an upscale way to hold your papers, documents, or files in your home or work office. Are you looking for a different way to store your jewelry other than the traditional jewelry box? We have gorgeous jewelry boxes as well. They will be a sophisticated and elegant way to hold your jewelry in your bedroom. Place them on your dresser or dressing table and they will add style and elegance in addition to keeping track of your favorite accessories.

    If you are feeling more adventuresome, we have a playful way of storing and adding beauty to your home at the same time with our decorative black and brown leather suitcases that come in a set of three. Stack them for a whimsical and yet, elegant way of storing away items in your foyer, living room, den, or bedroom. Or maybe place them in a guest bedroom and fill them with the linens or other items you may want to offer to your guests. Leave one of them propped open to display its’ contents to make your guests feel right at home. It is functional, practical, whimsical, and elegant all at the same time.

    With products from our leather collection you’ll find that you can have fun while building storage and organization into your home. Add a little luxury, eliminate a little (or a lot) of clutter – what could be better?