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Blue LEGO Project Storage Case by Iris




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Snap-tight LEGO project cases from IRIS USA organize your building projects and offer great storage for all those tiny bricks and accessories that come with each LEGO kit. This handy LEGO storage box provides convenient build and go capabilities - whether you're traveling from one room in the house to another, or hitting the road to play with friends this case is easy to take along with you. Use these handy cases to keep themed LEGOs together long after the cardboard boxes fall apart. They're also great for older kids who like to plan their build projects, use the project case to sort out all the necessary LEGO pieces and keep them organized as the project comes together. Each case comes with a 32x32 stud base plate for project foundations.

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Sturdy molded plastic construction
Snap-tight lid secures contents
Molded plastic handle for easy carrying
LEGO graphic molded into case so it won't rub off with use
Holds a 10" x 10" (32x32 Stud) base plate - included


13" W x 12.25" H x 3.125" D

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Blue LEGO Project Storage Case by Iris