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LEGO 3-Drawer Sorting System by Iris




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This LEGO workstation storage unit is great for the LEGO enthusiast who has a wide variety of characters, accessories and bricks who likes to keep everything organized. The three drawer storage unit comes with color-coded drawers that have a gray LEGO stud label for the drawer so you can create a visual labeling system.

Four divider trays will keep LEGO bricks and accessory pieces grouped by color, theme, or project. Two trays stack into a drawer, so you can organize them across drawers in multiple ways. The LEGO workstation comes with a 32 x 32 stud base plate that fits into a well on the top of the workstation so you can put away current builds at night or display your favorites for everyone to see.

Also available in a LEGO Friends 3 Drawer Sorting System color scheme.


Sturdy white frame
1 - 10" x 10" base plate
3 - storage drawers (red, yellow, blue) 3 - 2.5" x 5" removable label plates
4 - removable divider trays


12.31"W x 14.6"L x 12.75"H

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LEGO 3-Drawer Sorting System by Iris