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Locker Organizers

Locker storage and locker organizers mean it's back to school time. Time to shop for school locker accessories. Whether you're trying to organize a child's school locker shelves, your foot locker storage at the health club, or building your own home locker shelves and organizers in a mud room, we have innovative locker organizers to make the most of limited space. Adding locker shelves to a locker can make a big difference. A locker organizer makes it easier to get to textbooks, gym shoes, or even your packed lunch. Locker shelves & locker organizers can make your son or daughter's day-to-day easier. A locker oganizer for a young child just starting school can help them feel more secure & confident. School locker accessories like locker baskets can provide some familiar things from home as well as keep their supplies organized.
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      School Locker Shelves, School Locker Organizers, & School Locker Accessories
      At school, at the gym, and even at work, we are bound by the confines of what our locker shelves can hold. Not all locker shelves are created equal. Some have a built in shelf and some do not have locker shelves. But even with ones that have locker shelves, often that one shelf is not enough. Unless, of course, you like having your lunch squished at the bottom of the locker on a daily basis, you probably want to have more locker shelves in your locker to better organize and store the many different items we carry around with us to get through our day. If it is not your lunch that is getting beat up on, it might be your backpack, your running shoes, or your textbooks, all sitting at the bottom of the locker with other things piled on top of them. Thus, the squishing that occurs without locker shelves and locker organizers. Then, there is the problem of not being able to find what you are looking for in the locker without locker shelves. If you are looking for your Geometry book among all the other books piled chaotically at the bottom of the locker, it can be difficult to find it without locker shelves and locker organizers in the nanosecond you are allotted between 3rd and 4th period. There is a better way - locker shelves and locker organizers - and it doesn’t involve changing schools or carrying even more additional books with you than you actually need.

      The solution to the lack of school locker accessories presented by lockers is installing more locker shelves and locker organizers. You can get stacked locker shelves, a crate or two, or you can install adjustable locker shelves and locker organizers. Going the adjustable locker shelves route means you can put the locker shelves anywhere you want inside the locker. You can put more adjustable locker shelves anywhere you want inside the locker. This gives you options. Not bad for a locker, right? At SpaceSavers, you can get adjustable school locker shelves that have an expanding width between 12” to 15”. This fits just about any locker. It’s easy to install. Just place the locker shelves where you want the locker organizer and adjust the knob to secure it in place. Line up your textbooks so you can easily see and grab what you need during the nanosecond they allot you between periods. Use locker shelves to store your lunch. No more smashed sandwiches for lunch and that apple many not be bruised anymore.

      Maybe you only need one additional locker organizer and you want it towards the bottom of your locker anyway, just enough of a lift, so you can stack your books under it and put your running shoes on top of it. The stackable locker organizer might be the solution to your storage in small places problem. Give your running shoes just the lift up they need with a stackable locker organizer and keep your books down below from getting trampled and beat up. If you think later on you might want another locker organizer, at least this locker organizer is stackable. So, you can always order another locker organizer if you need it. It’s an inexpensive solution to keeping your locker organized and things stored better on locker shelves and locker organizers.

      If you store a soccer ball or other sporting gear in your locker, you might want to consider using a crate or a locker basket. At least this way, every time you open your locker door, the soccer ball won’t go rolling out of your locker. A locker basket is also a good solution if you want a small locker basket to store your shower essentials in – making it easier to carry all of your toiletry items back and forth to the shower or it at least keeps it all contained in one place on locker shelves. Just pull your basket out and grab what you need.

      Get your locker space organized and make it more functional with school locker accessories.