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Metro Collection - Chrome Bathroom Furniture Storage

A chrome bathroom storage tower can provide you with much needed bathroom storage. Chrome bathroom furniture is the stylish choice for bath storage, especially, if your bathroom lacks a closet for storage.The metro bath collection is modern with the sleek and shiny look of chrome. Chrome bathroom storage units that fit over the toilet are space savers. Chrome bathroom storage units free up floor space when you use the wall storage units. Save space & save money with a chrome bathroom storage tower & other chrome bathroom furniture from the Metro Bath Collection by Organize it All. Find more bath storage with bathroom storage units & chrome bathroom shelves.

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    • Metro Bath Collection

      The Metro Bath Collection by Organize it All has it all and then some. If you are looking for a stylish way to create storage in your bathroom - think chrome bathroom storage tower, a place to hold your dirty laundry- think chrome bathroom furniture laundry cart, and another spot to hang your towels - think free standing chrome bathroom towel rack, the Metro Bath Collection is the one you want. The Metro Bath Collection is modern and sleek. No fussiness. The Metro Bath Collection is not overtly feminine or masculine. These chrome bathroom storage units are perfectly metro. These chrome bathroom furniture units are not your grandmother’s bathroom collection or even your mother’s. The Metro Bath Collection by Organize it All is the contemporary choice for creating a bathroom atmosphere that is vogue, minimalist, and functional. The Metro Bath Collection will create the look you want, but it is not going to short change you when it comes to functionality, either. The chrome bathroom storage tower and other chrome bathroom storage units can provide all the bathroom storage you need.

      Chrome Bathroom Furniture

      Let’s start with the Metro Bath Collection’s two tier laundry cart. You have the sleek, clean lines and you can store baskets of bathroom essentials or clean towels on its’ two shelves. This free standing chrome bathroom laundry cart has a canvas laundry bag that slides out for all the dirty laundry that can accumulate in a bathroom. This chrome bathroom furniture cart rolls on casters, so you can roll it to your laundry room and back. If you want a bit more storage, go for the three tier laundry cart from the Metro Bath Collection. These chrome bathroom furniture units are mobile laundry and storage units that would work great not just in the bathroom, but in a bedroom closet, a mudroom – to catch all the dirty laundry as it comes in the door-, or right there in the laundry room.

      Wall Mounted Chrome Bathroom Storage & Free Standing Chrome Bathroom Storage

      If you need more towel racks in your bathroom, we have two options from the Metro Bath Collection that look and work great. We have a wall mounted two tiered shelving chrome bathroom storage and towel rack that can provide you with additional storage space and give you a place to hang hand towels, washcloths, or large bath towels. If you’d like something with even more storage space to go along with the towel bar, consider the Metro Bath Collection’s towel rack with three bars. These free standing chrome bathroom storage units have a ventilated shelf to store items below. Both chrome bathroom storage units provide ample storage and are contemporary in design, meeting your functional needs as well as your need for style. The minimalist design would fit in with many different décor styles, not just contemporary.

      One of the benefits of shopping from a collection is that you can coordinate the pieces that you need to fit what you want, without having to drive from box store to another box store. The Metro Collection has freestanding shelving units that range from three tiers to five tier of shelving. Get a three tiered chrome bathroom storage unit and set it up next to the four tiered unit or maximize your vertical storage with a smaller footprint by pairing two five tiered shelving units next to each other. Mix and match, go single or create a whole wall of shelving. These chrome bathroom storage units are shelving units so fabulous that you may even want to use them in other rooms of your home as well. They would look fabulous in the kitchen, providing pantry storage, or cookware storage. They would work great in a laundry room as well to store your laundry supplies and provide you with a place to hang dry clothes that can’t go in the dryer.

      SpaceSavers understands the difficulty of creating the right storage in your bathroom. It can be difficult to get your bathroom organized and have it look stylish too. The Metro Bath Collection with its contemporary minimalist look will fit in nearly any bathroom. It gives you the storage you need with the look you want. Now, that is something worth showing off. You will want to show off your new stylish and organized bathroom if you outfit it with the Metro Bath Collection by Organize it All.