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Neu Home Lohas Bamboo Bath Collection

Neu Home Lohas spacesavers look great while saving space. There are so many reasons to love the Neu Home Lohas Collection by Organize it All. Many of us are becoming more conscientious of the materials of which the products we buy are made. If you are concerned with using your buying power to vote for more sustainable materials to be used in manufacturing the products we use, then, the Neu Home Lohas Collection is for you. This collection has nine pieces of furniture for your bathroom made from bamboo. Bamboo is a very eco-friendly building material as well as being strong and durable. Bamboo can be grown very rapidly, so, it is much easier to replenish it. Bamboo is a more sustainable source from which to build furniture, as well as other products. Try the Neu Home Lohas bamboo towel stand for extra towel storage or the Neu Home bath shelf. Find more storage with bathroom organizers & Travelon Bags.
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      Neu Home Lohas Bamboo

      The Neu Home Lohas Collection is not only eco-friendly, but it is style savvy, which makes it an ideal choice for adding beauty to your bathroom. If you are looking to re-create the spa like atmosphere for your home bathroom, then, you want to add not just functional pieces of storage furniture, but ones that elevate your bathroom to a higher level of attractiveness. The luxurious and exceptionally luster of Neu Home Lohas bamboo lends itself well to that special spa like environment. Who doesn’t want to luxuriate in beauty? Why wait to go to the spa when you can have the same look and feeling at home with Neu Home Lohas bamboo? With so many different pieces to choose from in the Neu Home Lohas collection, you can find just what you are looking for. Get yourself ready to be taken away the next time you take a hot bath surrounded by Neu Home bath products.

      Neu Home Lohas SpaceSaver

      Store your towels on one of the Neu Home Lohas Collection’s spacesaver three tiered shelving unit, extra wide for a lot of storage or get the three tiered shelving unit that is more narrow for a smaller space. Both of these Neu Home Lohas products are space savers. If you need to maximize your storage with a smaller footprint, try the Neu Home Lohas corner curved three tiered shelving unit. You get minimal space taken and maximum appeal, as well as storage. Are you thinking deep baskets would be better to hold all of those soaps, shampoos, and lotions? We have a space saving Neu Home Lohas three tiered basket style shelving unit that is sure to please. This Neu Home Lohas spacesaver unit would look wonderful not just in your bathroom, but in any room, where you needed additional storage with some depth.

      Neu Home Lohas Bamboo Towel Stand

      With a larger household, you are going to need plenty of places to dry your towels. The Neu Home Lohas Collection has a bamboo towel rack with a bottom shelf for additional storage. So, let those wet towels drip dry on the durable Neu Home Lohas bamboo towel stand rack. The big fluffy body towels can hang on th Neu Home Lohas bamboo towel stand rack, while your smaller hand towels can hang dry on the wall mounted towel rack with a shelf. Store the clean dry hand towels on the shelf and hang the wet ones to dry on the rack. Everything you need is right there at your fingertips. You don’t have to walk out to a hall closet to go find yourself some clean hand towels.

      The Neu Home Lohas Collection can provide you storage without taking up any additional floor space in your bathroom if you use the over the toilet space saving shelving unit. Yes, this shelving unit won’t take up any space in your bathroom. It provides plenty of additional storage. This space saving shelving unit is absolutely ideal for all bathrooms, but especially for the super small bathroom. If you pair this with the wall mounted shelf and towel rack, you will have maximized your storage space without taking up any more floor space. Now, that is a bathroom space you are going to love.