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Over The Door Hooks & Hangers

Over the door hooks make the most of what is often unused storage space in your home. Adding over the door hooks to the interior side of closet and pantry doors is an invisible way to add storage without changing the look of your home. Over the door hooks are also a great way to add hanging clothes storage without causing damage to hard wood doors or doors in rental properties.

    When you're trying to get the most storage possible out of your living space the back of a door is often overlooked. The addition of an over door hook or over the door storage can be a nearly invisible way to add storage to your space. There are many ways you can make the use of overdoor hooks throughout your home.

    Door hooks for clothes - Add over the door clothes hooks to the back of your bedroom doors for extra clothing storage for special outfits, your favorite garments, or just to gain a few extra inches of storage space. In the laundry room you can add an over the door clothes hook to use as a drying rack, staging for hanging clothes that need to be returned to your closets, or even to stage clothing for stain removal.

    Door coat hangers - A door coat hanger can be particularly handy in small entryways or mud rooms where you don't have a closet, but you need a drop zone for jackets and outerwear.

    Door hook for accessories - use the back of a door with an over the door hanger hook to store hats, scarves, belts and other accessories that might otherwise fill up drawers.

    Over the door hangers don't have to stand out - choose chrome over the door hooks if you don't mind the hanger being visible, or choose a white over the door hook to blend in with a painted door. If you have non-standard doors, look for an adjustable over the door hook that can accomodate variable widths and thicker dors. Adjutable over the door hooks can also be re-purposed for use with cabinet doors, exterior doors, and even cublicle walls.