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Over The Door Shelves

  • $25.99

      When there is no other space that you can find for storage in a room, we have a bright idea to help you solve the storage riddle. You look around your bathroom and you think to yourself, there is no way I could fit anything in this room that would give me the storage that I need. I just have to keep everything in the hall closet. All your bathroom toiletry items taking up space in your hall closet means that you can’t keep all the bedroom linens in the hall closet, which is really disappointing, because if the extra bedroom linens are in your bedroom closet, you have less room for all your bargain name brand bonanza buys. We are here to help you.

      SpaceSavers can free up your closet space for those vintage tees and put those extra comforters from Great Grandma’s house back in the hall closet where they belong. The bathroom essentials, all those soaps, lotions, cleansers, loofahs, cosmetics, and hair products can go right back in the bathroom. How? How is this possible? Do you have to knock out a wall and add on to your bathroom? Nope. Which is a good thing; because I don’t think your landlord would like you to do that. Try over the door shelves or over the door tiered basket units. Oh, this is going to put a smile on your face! You can have a four tiered basket shelving unit slung over the back of your bathroom door, holding oodles and oodles of odds and ends for your bathroom.

      An over the door tiered basket unit won’t take up any foot traffic area in your bathroom. You aren’t going to be bumping into it as you make your way to the sink. You won’t be hassling with it as you try to find the garbage can in the room. You won’t be bemoaning the lack of storage space in your bathroom any longer. It leaves no footprint, because it is hanging on the back of the door. The back of the door is space you aren’t using for anything, and would normally, just be a waste of space. Don’t waste good space is what we think here at SpaceSavers. If there is some space, even if it is on your bathroom door, we can make use of it and create a more organized and beautiful bathroom all rolled up into one with the over the door tiered basket unit. Just think of it! All of your toiletry items in one place that you use them the most: the bathroom. It won’t feel like you need a toiletry kit in your own home to travel all your items from the hall closet to the bathroom where you need them.

      SpaceSavers also offers over the door shelving units, with either one shelf or two. We have an over the cabinet door shelf with a molded tray as well. If you have space on the back of a door, a cabinet door, any door in any room of your home, not just the bathroom, we have storage for that space. Don’t waste any space. Don’t waste time lugging items from one area of your home to another. Use the over the door tiered basket units to solve the toughest lack of storage space dilemmas in your home or office. The tiered basket units also are wonderful additions in the kitchen, slung over a pantry door, a closet door, or a basement door off of the kitchen, or the door to the garage off of the kitchen. Imagine all that you could store right there on the back of that door!