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Over The Door Shoe Storage

Do you have over the door hanging shoe holders? Do you wonder where you could get an over the door shoe organizer for men? Women? Shoes cluttering up the front entry or piled up on the floor of your closet? Why not try a door shoe organizer? Take advantage of unused vertical space for your shoe storage needs with an over the door shoe rack with hooks. Door shoe racks or a plastic shoebag that hang on the door can clear up the clutter by your front door, by your mudroom door, or at the bottom of your bedroom closet without taking up any useful floor space in your home. Shoe storage dilemma is now solved thanks to over the door shoe storage like a clear over the door shoe holder. Choose among our many different types of over the door shoe rack, over door molded plastic shoe rack options, and over the door shoe organizer solutions. Get black over the door shoe racks or an over the door shoe organizer storage rack - green, blue, brown - just the way you want it.
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      Does it seem like the shoe pile at the bottom of your closet is multiplying? We all have a lot of shoes. There are so many different kinds of occasions or reasons to have different kinds of shoes. Even if you aren’t a shoe loving fool, I bet you have your fair share of shoes that need organized. Running shoes, your favorite pair of moccasins, boots, heels, pumps, slippers, shoes for mowing the yard, shoes for gardening in, work shoes, going out on the town shoes, special occasions only shoes, and walking the dog shoes. We as a people love shoes. We have shoes for every occasion, every kind of place we go to, and we have shoes that we wear only with a certain dress or a certain pair of jeans. So, when you take all of those different shoes and try to put them all in the same place, you are going to have a mess of shoes on your hands, or in this case, on the floor of your closet, if you don’t figure out a way to organize and store all of those shoes. This is when an over the door shoe holder can rescue you from your shoe dilemma.

      We have a few expectations when it comes to shoe storage as well. We want to be able to see our shoes, so we can scan them and decide which pair of shoes will look good with this particular skirt? No, not that pair. How about these heels? Maybe. Oh wait … I forgot I had this pair of stilettos. Now, that is what I’m going to wear. Or your scenario is some other version of this scene. Whatever the make – up of your pile of shoes, you probably want it off of the floor of your closet. An over the door shoe rack can do that. You need the shoe storage solution to not take up a lot of valuable closet space, because you need all the closet space you can get for this upcoming season’s killer jeans that you plan on buying. A 36 pair over the door shoe rack could be the answer. In preparation for your jeans shopping excursion, you have decided to clear out the shoes and install some additional shelving in your closet for the jeans. Where do you put the shoes? Why not store them in an over the door shoe storage rack? That is how you came to SpaceSavers and now what should you do with your shoes? That over door shoe storage idea is sounding better and better, right? Sounds like the best shoe storage for anyone who wants to save space.

      If you want to save the space in your closet for other things, then a great solution for you is to utilize an over door shoe organizer for all of those different pairs of shoes. You will be saving space in your closet for jeans or anything else you have when you use over the door shoe racks. Your floor of your closet or bedroom won’t be littered with shoes everywhere if you use door hanging shoe racks. You will be able to quickly find the pair of shoes you want using an over the door pocket organizer. You can see all of the shoes that you own when using a shoe storage solution such as a back of door shoe organizer, helping you decide which pair it is that you actually want to wear. The location of where you are keeping all of your shoes is somewhere that you would not be using for anything else, most likely, if you use a back of door shoe rack. Behind the door shoe rack is a great space saving location to store all of your shoes. At SpaceSavers, you can find just the right door hanging shoe holder among the variety of over the door shoe organizers we have. Choose the door mounted shoe rack that works best with what you need. We have a door hanging shoe rack that can hold twelve pairs of shoes, fifteen pairs of shoes, eighteen pairs of shoes, twenty pairs of shoes, twenty – four pairs of shoes, and even thirty – six pairs of shoes. So, if you have a few or a lot of shoes to store, an over door shoes holder can provide all the storage you need while still conserving space in your closet and bedroom. A canvas over the door shoe organizer won’t take up much of a footprint at all, leaving you with plenty of space to get those boots a walking.

      Which over the door shoe hanger do I buy?

      Clear Over the Door Shoe Organizer
      The best over the door shoe rack that can help you see exactly what shoe you are looking for is a clear plastic over the door shoe organizer. The plastic over the door organizer is going to speed up your shoe finding mission. The clear over the door shoe holder is always rated best over door shoe rack for easy visibility.

      Wire Shoe Rack for Door
      A metal hanging clothes storage rack is built for the user who wants a shoe rack over the door and able to withstand a tough beating. The wire shoe storage door rack is the best over the door shoe rack for those who want durability.

      36 Pocket Over the Door Shoe Bag | 30 Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer | 26 Pair Over the Door Shoe Rack | 12 Pocket Clear Over Door Shoe Organizer
      If you want just the right size to fit your shoe collection, get a closet door shoe rack that is exactly the number (or as close to it as you can get) of shoes you have. Got 30 shoes? Get a 30 pocket shoe rack over door storage system. Got 26 pairs? Get a 26 pair over the door clear shoe organizer. Got 12? Get a behind door shoe storage for just 12. Or go for one of the best deals on 36 pocket over the door shoe bag. You can always buy more shoes.

      Getting the right door hanging shoe organizer doesn’t have to be a big project. You can cross the Honey Can Do – over the door clear shoe organizer storage rack, white – right off your Honey Can Do list. It is that easy to install. Thinking of getting Walmart’s over door shoe racks? Get a shoe organizer – over door hooks and shoe racks – from the organizing and storage experts at We may not be the big guy, but we know more about organizing and storage than most big guys ever will.