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Clothing Valets & Pants Presses

Protect your investment in fine garments with a clothing care system such as a valet stand that prevents unnecessary wrinkles and creasing. A mens valet allows you to have an organized morning. Employ a pants press valet to iron your pants. Hang your pants on a valet stand for perfect creases. A trouser press can give you crisp, clean lines. Air your entire suit with a full clothing valet.
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      Do you enjoy the finer things in life? Are you ready to bring a little luxury into your life as a reward for the hard work you put into your day? Perhaps, you invest in clothing because you want to look good and you want the clothing to represent the finer things in life that you appreciate. Do you want to look sharp every time you walk out your door of your home or office? If you give yourself the special treatment of wearing fine clothing, then, you want to take care of it and show it off to its’ best advantage. Give your clothing special treatment with a clothes valet and pants pressers. Buy someone special in your life a valet stand for men. At SpaceSavers, you can find the suit rack that is perfect for you.

      You'll think you are staying at a fine luxury hotel with a wardrobe valet or even an over the door swing arm hanger valet. The only difference being you can now have that luxury at home. Pants press or wall mount swing arm hanger valet - two great options depending on if you want a freestanding men's valet or if you want to save space, the best bet is the wall mount swing arm hanger valet. The valet stand keeps your suit jackets ready to wear. A mens valet can come with a dish to hold the contents of your pockets. A trouser press can come with a six foot power cord. Looking good has never been so easy. Simply insert your pants, smooth them, and press. Neatly pressed pants from the trouser press and you are ready to walk out the door with confidence in how you look. Have your pants pressed in thirty minutes or fifteen minutes. The deluxe model Corby Pants Press Valet 7700 has an LED display to countdown the minutes until your pants are ready with three settings of fifteen, thirty, and forty – five minutes. This trouser press is a real luxurious gift for someone you love or for yourself. Get the ultimate in the 7700 series Corby Pants Pressers by getting the Statesman Trouser Press. This trouser press has the look of a piece of treasured furniture. In an attractive deep mahogany finish, this trouser press is the ultimate deluxe model. This trouser press is truly a beauty. It comes with a hinged storage compartment to keep your items from your pockets stored while your pants are being pressed. This pants press valet has a pull out gold finish tie bar and trim. If you or someone you know has a taste for fine clothes than this pants press valet will be how you will want to take care of those fine clothes. You will be the sharply dressed man walking down the street.

      At SpaceSavers, we understand you work hard for the things in life that you want. We understand that you want attractive and stylish clothing. We know that taking care of the fine suits you invest in is part of the life you want to live. At SpaceSavers, we want to help you live your life, your way, and help you look good while you do it. So, hang your suit jacket on the valet stand, empty your pockets into the deep dish in the pants press valet, and simply insert your pants in the pants press valet, smooth them over, and presto … in a short period of time you will be ready to walk back out that door with a refreshed and rejuvenated looking suit with freshly pressed pants. The finer things in life are what you work hard for. So go ahead and enjoy the fine suits and make sure you are keeping your pants pressed and your suit shaped nicely, knowing you will be looking good at that next work meeting or evening out entertaining clients or spending time with friends and family. The great life is at hand and SpaceSavers is here to help.