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Napkin & Paper Towel Holders

SpaceSavers has a wide variety of functional yet appealing paper towel holders and napkin holders to suit your kitchen. We carry magnetic paper towel holders, chrome paper towel holders, and decorative napkin holders. A paper towel holder that is easy to use and keeps your kitchen counter organized is a must for a busy kitchen. Free up space with a wall mount paper towel holder. Bring sleek modernity to your kitchen with a stainless steel paper towel holder. If a decorative paper towel holder is not as important to you as function and ease of use, consider using a kitchen paper towel holder that is a hanging paper towel holder, making it easier to tear off one sheet at a time. Find a wall mounted paper towel holder that works for your kitchen. Find more kitchen storage with kitchen countertop organizers & kitchen sink sponge holder & sink storage.
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      Paper Towel Holder: Wall Mount, 3 in 1, Under Cabinet, or Free Standing
      Are you tired of not being able to find the paper towels when you need them? Do they get carried off from room to room? Keep your paper towels in one place by using our paper towel holders. If you like tabletop or countertop paper towel holders, we offer a variety in attractive styles. If you want your paper towels off of your countertop, we have a wall paper towel holder, an under cabinet mount paper towel holder, and even a magnetic paper towel holder. With shelf space above and below, a wall mount paper towel holder in a pantry cabinet can be a space saving dream. The 3 in 1 paper towel holder keeps not just your paper towels stored away, but is an aluminum foil holder and plastic wrap. SpaceSavers has the best storage options that fit your needs and style.

      Kitchen Paper Towel Dispenser
      Kitchen paper towel holders can range from a cheap paper towel holder to a sharp designed kitchen paper towel dispenser. Because it is wall mounted, it dispenses your paper towels and the wraps you need. You don’t have to keep those boxes of wraps in your drawers or cabinets any longer. This saves you space for other items. Not only is it a convenient space saving storage dispenser, but it is attractive as well. Here at SpaceSavers, we believe you will be delighted to no longer fight with those boxes of wrap as you try to tear off the size of wrap that you want. This dispenser will make it so much easier for you. So, relax and grab your coffee. Paper towel holder can be checked off your to do list as done. What’s not to love about this?

      What Color of Paper Towel Holder Do You Love?
      What do you think about a rooster red paper towel holder? What about an oil rubbed bronze paper towel holder? Maybe you prefer the muted earth tones of a brown paper towel holder. The shimmering shine of a stainless steel paper towel holder satisfys the contemporary look of a modern kitchen. Whatever your color and style, find it here at

      Napkin Holders
      Do you like the convenience of having the napkins on the kitchen table right there for when you need them, but you don’t like it when the table looks cluttered with tabletop needs? We have an attractive way to store your tabletop items. We have a turntable that will store your napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and other small tabletop items in one container, making it easier to get what you need. It will look more organized and attractive as well.

      We offer a napkin holder or paper towel holder that is sure to please your palette and décor. We can provide function and style in one item. There will be no sacrifices of one or the other to get you what you want and need.

      Magnetic Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder
      Are you a college student or know someone who is? If you live in a college dorm or in a college town in a rental unit, most likely you are not allowed to drill or make any holes in the walls. Most likely, you want to save space on your countertops or tabletops as well – if you even have any! We have a solution for you. If you live in a dorm room and have a small dorm refrigerator, we have a magnetic paper towel holder that you can hang horizontal or vertical. No holes in the walls with this holder. There won’t be deductions off of your deposit because you needed a way to store your paper towels.

      You see, SpaceSavers likes to find solutions for everyone. We want to help you store your items. We want to help you save space. We want to provide these tools to you and have them be attractive and stylish as well as functional. At SpaceSavers, we believe if we can save you space, time, and effort, that you will be able to live your life, your way, which means you will have more time and space to do what you really want to be doing. We know you don’t like to waste space. We know you don’t like to waste your valuable time. We get that and we are here to say, we can help you with all of those needs, so you can get back out there enjoying life.

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