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Pet Food Storage & Feeders

Having the perfect storage container for your dry pet food not only keeps your dog or cat's food fresh, it also gives you easy access and eliminates the problem of messy, flimsy pet food bags. IRIS brand dog food storage containers come in all sizes, and some options have wheels - which means no more lugging around heavy bags of dog food! Try our other great airtight pet food containers from Budeezee, Sterilite, Rubbermaid, and Snapware - as well as pet food feeders and pet food can storage. 

    Bringing home your newest family member, Fido or Miss Kitty, can be an exciting time. In your excitement to bring Fido home, don't forget to prepare your home for Fido's arrival. There are many items that you can gather and set up before your newest family member arrives.

    Two of those items should be a new pet feeder and pet food storage container or dispenser. For many animals, like Fido, using an elevated pet feeder can help encourage healthy food digestion. For medium sized dogs, an elevated pet feeder that is just under 9" would be ideal. If you have a smaller dog or a cat, consider using an elevated pet feeder that is just under 6" high.

    If you like to take Fido for long hiking adventures with you, having a collapsible bowl in which to pour water into can be beneficial for you and your new dog as you the two of you have your adventures together. A collapsible bowl can easily be stored in a backpack for easy travel. This also works well if you travel or take your pets on trips with you. Besides proving a comfortable pet carrier for your pet to travel in, which can also double as their travel bed, it is essential to have bowls for their food and water. A collapsible bowl stores easily, taking up little space, in a piece of luggage or carry on bag. Bring your own pet bowl cleaning sponge, so there is no confusion about which sponge is used for Fido's bowl and which sponge is used to clean your bowl.

    Make your life easier and store your pet food in a pet food storage container or dispenser. Large or small, with a scoop or with an easy pour spout, there are many options when it comes to pet food storage containers or dispensers. If you want to save on space, use a pet food feeder that doubles as both an elevated feeder and a storage container. It can store food underneath the feeder, conserving space. If you don't have a lot of storage space where you feed your cat or dog, this can be a convenient space saving pet accessory. Don't forget to get treat canisters to hold your new family member's special treats. Not only are they practical for storing and keeping fresh Fido's doggie treats, but they also look great filled up with his snacks. It's a more attractive way to store his treats than simply in the bag they came in when you first purchased them. If you buy soft canned food for Fido or Miss Kitty, storing all of those rolling cans can be problematic. A good solution to this storage problem is a cat food can dispenser or a dog food can dispenser. Those cans won't be rolling around any longer.

    Before you bring your newest family member home, make sure to prepare for him. Have on hand a pet feeding system that includes bowls, pet food storage containers or dispensers, and it doesn't hurt to have a pet sponge to keep those bowls and dispensers clean. No worries about mixing up the sponge you use to clean your bowls with the sponge used to clean Fido's bowl. It's not something you would normally think about, but it is useful to have when you need it.

    Be prepared and enjoy your newest family member. Being prepared makes Fido or Miss Kitty feel more welcome and makes for an easier adjustment for your cat or dog. It also gives you more time to get to know your pet once you bring him home and you won't have to spend as much time shopping for everything that you now realize you need.