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16qt Pet Food Dispenser by Buddeez




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There's no need to struggle with pouring or re-sealing pet food bags between feedings when you make use of a Buddeez pet food dispenser. The pet food bag fits right inside, and the open top is secured in place by an interior lip on the container's lid. The bag-in technology keeps the bag wide open for easy pouring, and the handle on the container means you don't ever have to worry about bags slipping out of your grip again. You can choose between the flip-top spout or the hinged pour spout to control where the food goes and how much you dispense. Everything snaps tightly shut to preserve freshness and deter bugs and other pests.


BPA free
Capacity - 16 Quarts / 4 Gallons / ~8 lbs
Flip top pour spout/ hinged spout
Generous sized handle
Snap-on lid
Bag-in technology
Inside dimensions at the bottom: 10.25" x 5" x 15"
Inside dimensions at the top: 11.125" x 6.125" x 15"


14.5" (includes handles) x 7.25" x 16.75"

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16qt Pet Food Dispenser by Buddeez