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Travel Kingsford Kaddy (Black) -Tailgate Tote




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Transporting charcoal for your grill when camping, tailgating, or heading out for a picnic imparts some risk that the paper bag could rip and spill charcoal dust everywhere and outside activities always risk rain ruining charcoal. Eliminate those risks with our bag-in charcoal caddy from Buddeez. This Kingsford Kaddy is built to accommodate smaller size bags of charcoal - just rip open the top and place the whole bag inside the caddy and line up the lips on the lid inside the bag and snap on the lid for mess-free pouring. Your charcoal stays dry no matter where you travel and your vehicle stays mess free. A sturdy handle makes offers an easy grip for

If you prefer to buy the larger bags of charcoal, we also have a large Kingsford Kaddy.


BPA free
Wide pour spout
Easy grip handle
Secure fitting lid
Bag-in technology


10.75" L x 6" W x 16.5" H (13.5" L including handle)

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Travel Kingsford Kaddy (Black) -Tailgate Tote