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Plastic Cake Carriers & Storage Containers

Cake carriers and cupcake carriers help keep your baked goods fresh and make it easier to transport cakes, cookies, pies and cupcakes to parties for kids and adults. Our multi-functional cupcake carrier holds 24 cupcakes and the cupcake carrier bases flip to hold bars or sheet cakes too. Cake carriers make the transportation of cakes less messy. Protect your cupcakes and keep them fresh using a cupcake carrier. Find the best cupcake carrier and cake carriers. Find more kitchen storage with Sterilite Ultra Seal food storage containers & kitchen plate racks.
  • $10.99

      If you're a baker you'll appreciate having a plastic cake carrier and cupcake carrier on hand to transport your cakes, pies and cupcakes to and from events. Our round cake carrier works equally well for layer cakes and pies. Cupcake carriers have molded wells to keep cupcakes separated and steady during transport - the 24 cupcake carrier ensures that all 24 cupcakes stay in their place. The flexibility of this carrier makes it the best cupcake carrier we've found.

      If you need even more cupcake storage, the Snapware cupcake carriers are modular, so you can add pieces to create a 36 cupcake carrier by snapping an extra layer in place. Then use the remaining layer as a mini cupcake carrier or keep it on your counter to keep cupcakes fresh longer, double your recipe so one dozen is for home, fill the cupcake carrier-36 spots, with the rest.

      Plastic cake carriers also make a great gift for new home owners - they're inexpensive so you can drop off your favorite cake and let the recipient keep the cake carrier to help start their own baking experiences.