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Plastic Storage Crates

Plastic crates & plastic stacking crates (remember plastic milk crates?) are a classic for home, school, and college dorm life. A plastic crate can hold anything from books to sports equipment. If you don't like the look of the plastic stack crates, consider decorative storage crates for un update on the plastic milk crates look. Storage containers come in many different styles, like stackable storage containers. Don't shrug off the look of plasic crates. In some rooms, plastic milk crates are a fun, cheerful addition providing great storage. A plastic crate in the kitchen is a kitschy look back (retro) to a bygone era. Plastic stacking crates in bright colors are a playful stacking crates storage solution in a child's bedroom or playroom. Plastic crates in the dorm room is practical, cheap, & easy to move. Garage? Plastic milk crates store helmets or use them to carry tools.
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    • Plastic Crates & Plastic Stacking Crates in the Garage
      Start your next organizing project with these great plastic crates solutions. Pick plastic milk crates that fit the space in your garage, but also be sure that the plastic milk crates fit into the uses needed in the garage. A great plastic crate is a functional addition to your garage, shed, or workshop space. You can use multiple plastic stacking crates in the garage for balance and to maximize the available storage space. Before using the stacking crates as storage, the garage items that need organizing might create disorder as you sort and purge items you plan to put away. Find creative uses for plastic crates for storage in many differently sized spaces in your home as well. How about the basement? Downstairs recreation room? Plastic milk crates can impact how you interact with your stored goods on a daily basis. The difference you see by adding plastic crate organizers might surprise you. Get your plastic stacking crates fast - order online or call Customer Service at 800-880-6264.

      Favorite Uses of Plastic Milk Crates by Our Customers
      I use plastic crates to store my son's sporting goods and equipment in the garage.

      We use plastic milk crates in my handyman business to carry our basic tools from truck to house and from project to project.

      My mother gave my daughter a pink plastic crate to hold all of her favorite dolls.

      I use plastic stacking crates in my basement to store my extra pantry items that don't fit in my kitchen. We didn't see the need to waste time and money building a shelving system, so I just stack the crates and store my extra canned goods, soda, and boxed items.

      I love stacking crates. Storage is no longer a problem since I've started using them to organize everything from my office to my kids' bedrooms! Thank you SpaceSavers!

      Order your plastic crates and tell us what organizing and storage project you are using them for. Happy organizing!