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Plastic Storage Totes

Cheap plastic storage totes does not mean you get inferior quality storage. A plastic tote like the plastic storage totes found here can give you waterproof and airtight storage containers in which to store long term or short term, such as pet food storage & feeders. A plastic tote can be used for linens. A plastic storage tote can be used for seasonal clothing. Plastic storage totes are great for storing toys. Quality storage in any part of your home or garage can be achieved with cheap plastic storage totes. A plastic tote - inexpensive in price, but not inferior in quality. Plastic storage totes vary is size and shape just like the uses of plastic storage totes can vary. The next time you decide to start an organizing project, don't forget to get plastic storage totes. You can never have too many plastic storage totes. No buyer's remorse with plastic storage totes.
    Plastic Storage Totes
    The plastic tote great debate. We asked and you told us. What do you use your plastic tote for?

    I use multiple plastic storage totes for changing out the closets in my house at the change of every season. Winter clothes are out of the closet and into the plastic tote when spring hits. Same for when fall begins. The summer clothes go in the plastic storage totes and the winter clothing goes in the closet. I save so much space in my closet doing this.

    I use a plastic tote in my car to store all my daughter's car toys and games for long road trips.

    We use plastic storage totes to keep our files organized for our small family farm. A lot of paperwork can go into raising animals and growing crops!

    We have a plastic storage tote for files what we keep on the past several years worth of tax paperwork. And that says a lot, because I'm an accountant. I keep everything!

    I use a plastic storage tote for each of my three children. I put tests, artwork - really anything that they bring home from school and file it away in their plastic tote. Some day, I know I'm going to be glad I kept all those memories.

    We use under the bed plastic storage totes for toys. The shallow totes make it easier for my kids to dig through to find what they want.

    I use a waterproof and airtight plastic tote for items I store in my basement. My basement gets wet after every hard rain. I don't want my things in storage to get moldy. Thank you SpaceSavers!


    Results 36-70 of 77123