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Plastic Trash Cans

Plastic trash cans are great for kitchens since they're easy to clean. Use a small plastic trash can under the sink for recycling or composting. Plastic trash cans with lids help keep odors inside and hid unsightly messes. Find the perfect plastic garbage can for your laundry room. Find the perfect plastic kitchen trash cans. From a small plastic trash can for the bathroom to a white plastic trash can to cheap plastic trash cans - find them all here. Find more storage solutions withhome recycling storage bins.
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      Plastic trash cans are a perfect fit for the kitchen, there there are many other places throughout the home that kitchen plastic trash cans can come in handy. Their slim profile means that oval plastic kitchen trash cans can fit into smaller spaces than many storage bins.

      In the garage or mud room: keep a plastic garbage can near the mudroom door or garage door to collect trash from the car every time you park your car to prevent clutter build up.

      In the craft room/kids' room: small plastic trash cans can be used as storage bins for stickers, foam pieces, pom-poms and other craft items where you 'dip and go'.a small plastic trash can with lid on the craft table will also help you clean up along the way and save time when it's time to clean up your project.

      On the go: cheap plastic trash cans are great travel companions for the back seat of the car or van, for campers and

      Off to college: fill up a white plastic trash can with cleaning supplies to start the year off right and you'll have one less box to pack.

      For the birds: use a plastic trash can with lid to store bird seed on the porch or in your garage and keep squirrels from helping themselves.

      Plastic trash cans also make a good cleaning bucket in a pinch - the smaller kitchen trash cans, plastic in particular, are just the right size to fill partway with soapy water and use to clean floors, walls, or appliances.

      Closet floor organizer: plastic trash cans for the kitchen make good floor organizers for umbrellas, sports equipment and gift wrap, keeping items upright to save space in your closets.

      Consider where plastic trash cans could come in handy around your home, or how that plastic garbage can could do double duty while moving or preparing for a trip. They have a wide variety of uses around the home, garage, and shop.