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Project Cases

    Staying organized with your projects has just got easier thanks to the variety of project cases available at A project can quickly take over much needed space. Small home or large home, small office or big office, a project can seem to overwhelm the table, desk, or floor even – wherever you happen to have taken up ownership temporarily while working on the project at hand. Sometimes, you need to stop working on the project midway to attend to other business. Sometimes, you are done working on a project, but need a better way of safely transporting it somewhere else, without damaging the work you have accomplished. For these reasons and more, project cases can simplify your life and keep those projects organized for you until you are ready to get back to work on them.

    For example, let’s say you have been diligently working on putting together vacation pages for your latest scrapbook. You aren’t done, yet. You have the beach page done, the sight - seeing pages done, but still haven’t finished the page on the winery tour you and your significant other went on. It’s almost time to clear the table for dinner. You can’t leave the pages and all your scrapbooking supplies spread out on the table dinner is going to be served at, so you need to get it all packed up. You have sorted out all the embellishments and photos you want for the page, but haven’t attached any of them, yet. It would be nice to keep everything for the wine tour together and separate from your finished pages. With a project case, thick or thin, you can store your wine tour moments together until you can get back to the project later. You get the table cleared off and you can proceed with dinner. For even larger storage capabilities consider using a scrapbook chest, giving you ample storage and organization room.

    Maybe you are a student and have been diligently working on an art project that you don’t want ruined. Tossing it into your backpack is not an option. You keep way too many things in that backpack. The books, the gym shoes, water bottle, and any number of different items would surely make a mark on your project. With no kind of hard covering to protect what you have been working on, it would definitely get ruined there. You don’t want to simply put it in a folder, because it has some elements to it that could be damaged even by placing it in the folder. The folder doesn’t have the hard protective covering you need. A project case can get your project from home to school, with your art intact. In addition, you can keep all of your art supplies in the hobby case, making it easier to keep those organized and making it easier to carry the supplies back and forth from school to home.

    The single project cases, the multiple tiered holders for the project cases, and the scrapbooking chest can all be used for a variety of different materials. Store art. Store art and craft supplies. Make it easier to carry things from one place to another. Keep all of your supplies organized. Keep your individual projects organized. They are great for students, scrapbookers, hobby enthusiasts, artists, calligraphers, for children’s art and crafts supplies, for jewelry making supplies, for puzzles, for storing and organizing files or for anyone who wants to keep all of the materials for a project together in an organized manner. can help you with your storage and organizational needs with project cases. Get your life organized the SpaceSavers way!



    Results 36-40 of 4012