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Laundry Carts with Wheels

A laundry cart is the best way to move laundry when you want to put less strain on your back. Ease your laundry transportation with a rolling laundry cart offered by SpaceSavers. We offer rolling laundry carts available with tier shelves, canvas bags, and other amenities. Laundry carts on wheels make it easier for anyone struggling to get those heavy loads of laundry from place to place. Suffering from arthritis or back problems or you just want to make it easier to carry your laundry - all of them are great reasons to get a laundry cart on wheels. Find more storage ideas in laundry storage & laundry organization.

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      Laundry Cart on Wheels

      When it comes to your dirty laundry, nothing is better than having a rolling laundry cart to wheel those dirty whites from your bathroom to your laundry room. A laundry cart on wheels won’t work if your laundry room is in the basement and your bathroom is upstairs, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love having the ease and convenience of having a four basket laundry sorter in your basement laundry room that rolls from one end of your laundry room where you have sorted out your clothing to the other where your washing machine is located. It makes it so much easier to get your dirty laundry into the washing machine if you can roll the laundry cart along. Make it easier on you and your back by utilizing one of SpaceSavers’ many different rolling laundry carts.

      We have single canvas bag rolling laundry carts with up to four different bags in which to sort your clothing. We have rolling laundry carts that have shelves for your laundry supplies or if you prefer to keep the laundry cart in your bathroom, you could use the shelving to hold your clean towels and other bathroom supplies, while taking advantage of the sliding hamper that slides right out from under the shelving when it comes time to toss in your dirty towels. It is attractive and functional. We also have rolling laundry carts that have the sorter on the bottom with a bar across the top that functions like a garment rack, so you can hang using hangers the clothing that you don’t want to have to fold when your laundry is clean. Staying organized in your laundry room can be done and these rolling laundry carts can help you stay organized and make it easier to get your laundry done.

      It’s always a good idea to sort through your laundry before you start washing. Utilizing the laundry cart sorter, you can put all your whites in one canvas or mesh bag, depending on the kind of laundry cart sorter you may get, put your colors in one bag, and then, your brights or delicates in the third bag of the laundry cart, unless you have a four bag laundry cart sorter and then, you can separate all four. If you keep a laundry basket in each bedroom, which will make it easier to collect and wash everyone’s laundry, then, you have many baskets of laundry that might as well be mixed in together to save on loads of laundry. All the whites from the master bedroom and the other two bedrooms can go in one bag in the laundry cart sorter. All the colors from all the baskets from all the bedrooms can go in one bag in the laundry cart sorter, and the same for your brights and delicates. Once they are all sorted in the laundry cart, start washing the separate bags in separate loads. Once they have dried, from either the dryer or from a drying rack, you can separate out all the whites once again into three separate baskets. The whites that go in the master bedroom closet can go in one basket. The whites that go to your youngest child’s bedroom can go in another basket. The whites that go to your oldest child’s bedroom can go in the last basket. Then, as the next load of laundry is done, let’s say the colors, you sort out the colors and fold them, placing them into one of these three baskets: the master bedroom and the children’s bedrooms. When it is time to take a basket to the bedroom, you won’t have to dig through the basket to find all the clothing that goes to your closet, because you will have all the clothing that is yours in one basket. The same will be true for everyone’s laundry. This will save you time and make laundry easier to put away.

      SpaceSavers loves to help you stay organized. Organize your laundry room today!