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Scrapbook Storage Containers

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      Many people decide to start a scrapbook after a momentous occasion in their life occurs. Maybe you are a newlywed and want to put together moments leading up to and during your wedding as well as honeymoon. Those are a lot of moments and probably photos to get organized into a scrapbook or two. Maybe you have just had a baby or are about to have a baby and want to make sure these moments are recorded and noted for later on – for you and your baby. Maybe you just went on a fabulous vacation and don’t want to forget any of the amazing moments. Maybe you want to put together some kind of memorial scrapbook about your past or a loved one. Whatever your reasons for wanting to get into scrapbooking, you are probably wondering where a good place to start would be or even how to get started. Having a few organization and storage tools along to help keep it all together would certainly help as well.

      First, sort through your photos and other mementos that you want to incorporate into your scrapbook. Group them according to different moments or points or however you want to group them. For example, group all of your honeymoon pictures together and your wedding day photos separately. Or group your baby’s first few days together and keep the rest of his first month separate. Or you can break it down even further by grouping the photos of you getting ready for the wedding in one pile, the actual walking down the aisle in another pile, the kiss in another pile, exiting or leaving the wedding in another pile, and so on. Take these piles or categories and place them into separate photo boxes, so you don’t have to sort through them again at a later point, when it comes time to start putting the photos in the scrapbook. You can find photo boxes on

      Second, it is time to shop for some fun background, other paper elements, and embellishments that you want to incorporate. If you are doing a baby scrapbook, look for pink or blue papers, baby backgrounds, and other baby themed embellishments. Let your imagination run wild. You can sort through them and organize them later. Once you have gathered up your materials and selected a scrapbook you are going to put everything in, you need to get that organized.

      The next step would be deciding how many pages you want for this scrapbook. You can decide this now or just starting making pages and however many you end up with is how many will be in your scrapbook. You will need to keep the pages and materials organized, however. Purchasing a scrapbook carrier, so you can work on it wherever you want, along with some project cases or even a scrapbooking chest, helps keep you organized. Separate out your pages according to project cases if you want to plan all of them out. Place your embellishments and papers for each page in separate project cases. If you would rather keep it more inspired on a moment by moment basis, than go ahead and do that. You should store your embellishments in a stowaway bin with compartments. You can keep your stamps and inks in a case as well. Keep your fun colored pens in a case also. Staying organized throughout makes the whole project easier.

      Once you are organized, you should be ready to get to work. Work on a page at a time or work on more than one page at a time. As long as you have your materials and supplies organized as well as keeping your individual pages organized, you can have a fabulous keepsake of your memories. Have fun scrapbooking!