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Shelves & Shelving Units

Tall or short, for books or collections, shelving units are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get organized in a jiffy. Our shelving selection includes room-specific wall shelving as well as multi-purpose shelf organizer systems. We have shelving from all sorts of materials - wood, plastic, steel, and metal mesh. We also have shelves with baskets or bins, shelves that can be configured to your room needs, stackable shelves and adjustable shelves.

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Shelving is one of the easiest ways to organize a room in your home, office, school, or garage. There are two things to keep in mind as you tackle an organization project. The first thing to ask yourself is what room are you organizing? I know that seems like a silly question, but the location of where you will be installing shelving often determines what kind of shelving you will need. For example, organizing your garage so you can have a designated area to park the family car, a designated workshop area for the hobby lover in your family, and let’s say, an area for the gardener in your family all require one other area in your garage: a designated storage area. This area in your garage will be dedicated to an organized storage system to keep all the other areas in the garage free of clutter to function as they are intended to function. In other words, your son’s skate boards and mountain bikes should not be in the way of the potting station for the gardener in your family. Your daughter’s soccer ball, basketball, and other sporting goods should not be in the workshop area. The holiday lights and decorations should be kept out of the area you park your car. All of this stuff that needs stored has to be in the designated storage area. So, we need a storage system.

The storage system you decide to implement does not need to be aesthetically beautiful in the garage. It is extremely unlikely that you are taking into account any kind of style or aesthetically pleasing décor when selecting your shelving. This is very different than if you were selecting shelving to create a storage system in your living room, for example. In your living room, you want to think about how it fits in with the overall look and want it to be aesthetically pleasing to your sense of style. So, back to the garage shelving and storage system that needs to be organized and implemented. At SpaceSavers, you can find garage and utility shelving systems, units, and accessories that achieve your goal of creating designated spaces within your garage.

Really large items should be lifted to hang above your car or one of the other designated areas. You can also find racks to hang a lot of items, like bikes, that are wall mounted. This will create more space. Select an area of the garage that you can set up your storage system. Depending on your needs and the amount of items you need to store will determine what kind of shelving system would work best for your garage. A five tier, four tier or a twelve tote storage system are all good choices. If you prefer, do a combination of a tiered shelving system and a multi – shelf utility cabinet. Sort through all the items you want to store and place them on the shelves or organized them into similarly grouped items to be placed into storage totes that will then go into a tote storage system or onto some utility shelves.

Once you have your storage system set up, you can establish the other areas of your garage, also utilizing shelving to get those areas organized and space efficient. In your designated gardening area, you can install wall mounted shelves to house your pots, potting soil, and other garden supplies. If you have a potting table, the ideal location for this shelf would be directly above your potting table, so all of your supplies are right at hand when you need to use them. The same thing can be done for your workshop area. If you have a workbench, install shelving over the workbench to house all of your tools, supplies, or other hobby craft items you need.

Once you figure out what kind of area you need to organized, if it is a utility area or an area requiring aesthetically stylish shelving, you can begin the organization process. Evaluate your overall plan. Consider how many and what kind of items you need to store. Then, set up those storage systems. Happy organizing!