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Jumbo Deep Storage Shelf




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Our jumbo deep storage shelf by Panacea Products is your solution to needing more space in your cabinets. Large dinner plates or large quantity of canned goods can be stored on the ten inch deep shelf. Underneath all the goods and items are sturdy and strong shelves that have a heavy duty wire construction. You can use these coated wire shelves to rearrange all your cabinets. You can use this display to free up extra storage space. It is too much problems trying to un-stack them just to get to the one you need. With a shelf display like this one, everything is simple to identify and easy to get to.


Jumbo size
10 inch deep shelf
Heavy duty wire construction
Durable frame


16 5/8"W x 10"D x 5 1/4"H

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Jumbo Deep Storage Shelf