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Probably most well- known for its line of sleek trash cans, simplehuman blends smart benefits and simple style to create the very best products for your home. Look for that mix of quality and design in all of the simplehuman items we offer at SpaceSavers. From laundry hampers to soap dispensers, you’ll find the very best options designed for efficiency and styled for life.

    Household chores are necessary, so why not invest in products that make them a bit easier? And if such handy helpers look great, that’s just an added bonus. Welcome to simplehuman products: trash cans, recycling bins, soap dispensers, shower caddys and more, all smartly-designed and attractively-styled for the best of both worlds.

    Simple human step cans are some of the most highly rated trashcans available on the market today. Smart features like an easy change inner bucket design and a stepcan opening with a slow, quiet close are just a few of the benefits in many of the popular wastebaskets. While stainless steel styles continue to be popular, simplehuman now offers plastic trashcans with the same great features. Fingerprint-proof stainless steel and a stainless steel style with a plastic lid are also great options for busy households. An added bonus: a custom-fit trashcan liner designed specifically to fit simplehuman products perfectly.

    With the growing popularity of recycling, it only makes sense that simplehuman offer cans created for this weekly chore. Smart designs like separate buckets and pull-out styles can make the job feel a little less daunting.

    The attractive efficiency of simplehuman isn’t limited to only waste baskets in the kitchen: paper towel and napkin holders look good and also keep the roll or stack neat and tidy; a utensil holder keeps cooking essentials close at hand; a compost pail so nice-looking you no longer need to stow it away out of sight; dishracks loaded with features for today’s modern kitchen.

    Utility rooms and laundry spaces can also benefit from smart simplehuman design. Garbage bag holders corral a collection of plastic bags so they’re easy to reuse. Laundry hampers in heavy gauge steel keep clothing sorted and ready to go, yet fold when not in use. Pet food stays fresh and easily accessible with food cans that lock and hold the scoop inside.

    Although you may not spend a lot of time in the bathroom, anything that can save precious time during the morning rush or bedtime routine is priceless. Wall-mounted pumps hold and dispense shampoos and soaps right in the shower. Choose a twin or a triple style and you’ll find it’s easy to use and cuts down on bottle clutter. Choose a space-saving shower caddy to save even more space in the shower. They easily adjust with expandable and moveable shelves to fit your needs.

    And finally, don’t forget the soap dispenser, but these are no ordinary soap dispensers. Our simple human sensor pumps are touch-free, to make clean-up easy for little ones, and even those that aren’t so little, but love smart, efficient design.